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Home Remedies to Strengthen Your Nails

Home Remedies to Strengthen Your Nails

Elegant hands need b’ful nails. Nowadays, keeping good nails is a bit of a problem. The chemicals we use to clean our nails harm our hand and nails. When nails are perfect, it looks complete. Applying a lot of nail paint, it gives you shiny nail but also damages it later. So, we today we will see nail care tips

Home Remedies to Strengthen Your Nails Are

Use rubber gloves while cleaning

While washing dishes or doing your home wear gloves on your hand and then proceed. The dirt if once gets inside the nails the chemicals that you use to clean it is not really good in long terms. Also, the detergents and other chemicals used for washing and cleaning are not good for our hand and nails. It has got the base in it which makes it weak.

Home Remedies to Strengthen Your Nails

What is the problem with the nails? Need to know!

Ingrown toenails and fungus in nails? It is the not desirable problem at all. The nails get discoloured at times or become thick at ends. It crumbles down at some parts. Brittle nails and dehydrated nails are results of little moisture or very less nutrition. And also, some skin problems causes thickening of nails, e.g., psoriasis and at times there is hair loss in patches which is called alopecia areata.

Fight the problems!

Now to fight these problems, you need tea-tree oil. It is an antiseptic, and it helps to remove nail fungus. If we apply two drops of it on nails twice a day on the discoloured patch, it works well. Take a clean pair of socks daily in case your feet sweat too much.

Antifungal powder

It absorbs moisture and fights fungus. Tinacten powder is one of them. You can also sprinkle a bit of it in the socks you’re going to wear. It will keep your nails of feet free from fungal infection.


Lets now see some home remedies for brittle nails:

Stop clipping the cuticles

Cuticles are the protective layer of nails. When you remove the protective layer of the nails, the fungus and bacterium gets an easier grip and penetrates the nail to gives a white patch.

Beautician trimming cuticles female client. Manicure spa beauty salon

Intake of vitamins

Biotin and vitamin B are also necessary for nails.  Nails have a protein keratin. When the keratin content in our nails lessens, our nails become brittle. Biotin helps to strengthen them by thickening the cuticle. Herbs which are rich in silica and minerals help in growing nails. A cup of nettle tea regularly is necessary.


Have fatty acids- good for health

Fatty acids found in flaxseed and some fishes help in curing brittle nails. Sprinkling the seeds on the food or cereal will help. The primrose oil can also help as it is rich in fatty acids.

Have veggies- a healthy diet

If your nails have less of zinc in it, white spots appear. Roots of veggies, grains and nuts are rich in minerals. Try them out! Shellfish has also got minerals.


Moisturization of nails

When your nails are brittle, it is definitely out of hydration. Use petroleum jelly to keep them moisturized. Also, a thick cream will work well. Cover your hands with some gloves and keep it hydrated overnight.


No nail polish removers- a definite NO

Acetone is the main constituent of nail polish removers. They dry nails to much extent. So if you’re victim to dry and brittle nails, better keep them away. An acetate remover can still work better.


Avoid fake nails- not good for your nails

If you’ve got soft nails, you may feel fake nails very useful. But no. If you want elegant nails, then go for home remedies. Don’t use fake nails. They have a glue which sticks it the upper part of the real nails. Space acts as a superb place for fungus to grow. Even bacterial infection tends to occur which at times can be much painful.

Lemon and Olive Oil- make your nails soft

Both of them are wonderful beauty ingredients. Lemon has natural bleaching property. The olive oil gets inside the cuticles. A mix of lemon juice with olive oil repairs the nails and helps in strengthening them. Lemon removes the yellow stain that appears on the surface of nails and it shines!


Soak in beer- don’t drink

Mix beer with apple cider and vinegar. Add some olive oil too in it. Massage it on the nails. Beer has got minerals like potassium selenium. It has got biotin too; that adds keratin to your nails. Olive oil will hydrate the dry cuticles.See the transformation in some time!

Soak in Sea Salt

Strengthens brittle nails of toe and fingers. Add sea salt to warm water. It will give you soft nails along with shine. Add germ oil of wheat along with lemon and soak your nails in it for some minutes. After drying your hands and toes, apply some moisturizer.

Coconut oil and Apple Cider with Vinegar- the super solution

Add coconut oil in some curry leaves and moisturize your nails. It will also prevent infections in the nail. The other organic material has loads of minerals in it. From iron to Calcium to Magnesium. It all adds to thick nails. The acids, namely malic acid in apple and the acetic acid in vinegar arrests infection in nails.


Finally, we will see some tips for nails.

* Avoid nail polish which has toxic chemicals, namely toluene.

* Don’t go for harsh removers too.

*Always coloring is not necessary. Try buff. It is natural.

* Eat well. After that is the main thing. Have foods rich in calcium and Vit A, C.

* Rose water added to glycerin adds shine to nails.  Jojoba oil with aloe vera extract too heels.

* Gelatin speeds up the nail growth.

* Keep filing the nails. But in particular, directions. Don’t go for metal filers.

* Manicure at times also helps in getting beautiful nails.

* Don’t go for chipping. And always apply a topcoat. Now that you’ve perfect nails go out. Be classy!

So, following these simple tips, you can get super beautiful and healthy nails at home. Now you don’t need to pay for your manicure at the parlour.                            

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