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Home Remedies for Prevention and Cure of Breast Cancer

According to the medical survey, it has been claimed that about 40,000 women would surely suffer from breast cancer this year, and as per national breast cancer foundation – it can raise up to 200,000 in numbers.

There are reasons why modern women are facing this kind of disease day by day. Medical science says that modern females are very much workaholic and forget to maintain the proper standard of their lifestyle. Thus, the mismanagement of the body leads to such cancer.

Breast cancer awareness

Other reasons include:

  • sudden changes in DNA, leading to cell irritation and finally breast infection
  • inherited gene changes
  • suppressed genes
  • no proper breastfeeding
  • Fat deposition leading to blocking up of cells and much more

Studies reveal that about 80 percent of cancer – hit women are from the age group of 40 to 55 years. Though one must not forget the fact not only women are affected by such disease, it is also men who too suffers from such problems failing to recover often expires before time. That is for about every 100 women 1 male is diagnosed with such problem. There are two kinds of breast cancer, such as Invasive and Noninvasive both are curable via homemade remedies.

Researchers reveal that this breast cancer can very well be curbed if led a balanced life and moreover proper healthy food designed only for such patients might help them to get cured a bit faster. Few notables are:

Garlic- Act as antibiotics:

Garlic- Act as antibiotics

As per NCCAM –garlic acts as an anti – cancer mediator and helps many for getting rid of fungi, yeast, and microorganisms. Garlic has its role as an activator – that helps to activate the natural cells from cancerous cells. Garlic s ingredients act perfectly well when that is consumed raw or in the crushed format. Cooked garlic often loses its capacities of being antibiotic properties.

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Green tea:

Green tea

This green tea is often considered as the best homemade remedy till date for all cancer patients. The reasons for such acclimation is nevertheless its anti – inflammatory constituent act as a shield for patients suffering.

Soya bean:

Soya bean and breast cancer

This item is the must for all cancer patients- one must add soya bean to their diet daily so as to minimize the risk of the infected cells of cancer. Again, this contains – phytoestrogens that block cancer. One can consume the same product cooked or as sprouts.


Wheatgrass and breast cancer

This wheatgrass often termed and considered as Health grass only for cancer affected patients. If consumed raw it brings wonder to the body – it readily enhances the immunity of the body and finally the patient often is released from the waste products and the body toxins.

Olive oil:

Olive oil and breast cancer

The extra virgin olive oil is the foremost and unique product if used in all food materials usually, helps in the decrease of malignant cells and act as antioxidant agent.


Grapes and breast cancer

The proanthocyanidins that reduce the estrogen increase are basically found in grapes. This is proved by many doctors and patients since ages. These grapes extract if consumed in adequate quantity would surely lead to minimize the risk of breast cancer


Broccoli remedy for breast cancer

These natural items have linamarase genes that possess the capabilities to break down cancer cells and effectively help patients kill the swelling cells. Researchers say that broccoli has a specific substance notable in it, termed as isothiocyanate that often activates the genes that actually battle against breast cancer. Again consuming raw broccoli is the best as if boiled most of the nutrients often diminish.


Breast cancer home remedy - beans

According to an American journal the proper intake of fiber, usually, lowers the risk of breast cancer among male and female. A study suggests that every woman must in her diet add beans about 10 gms daily – that reduces the risk till 7 percent. Aren’t these foods doing wonder for such patients? Just they need to take ½ to a cup of bean and add the same to the diet.


Walnut and breast cancer

Reports from Marshall University say that if two ounces of the product is added to the diet daily, it minimizes the risk of breast cancer soon. It holds the growth of tumors and stops the same from full growth. Walnut has its anti- inflammatory items in it- this is what available in Omega 3 is also too. This food item often delivers about 370 calories if taken daily

Apart from the above remedies reducing intake of fast food, very oily food also would help the patient recover fast- leading to a happy, healthy life further.

Home Remedies for Prevention and Cure of Breast Cancer

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