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Know How To Cure Your Hernia Today!

Before we get started with the topic, I would like to mention that this article is written on the request of our privileged customer Mr P.K.Krishnan.  A soft lump in your belly or groin can be a hernia. It can also be found in areas of surgery done in the past.

home remedies for hernia This lump disappears when you press it or try to sit on it. However, as small as it may seem, it is very painful, especially when you cough, bend or try to lift certain things. Today, we will discuss about the hernia symptoms, its causes as well as the home remedies for it, but before that I would like to tell you more about hernia

What is Hernia?

Hernia is a Latin name for rupture. It is a bulge that occurs in an organ like intestine or any other organ. It occurs when the muscle wall becomes weak, which pushes the internal wall of the organ inside. Hernia does not occur in one part. Different types of hernia occur in different body parts. So, let us check the types of hernia and where they attack.

Types Of Hernia

home remedies for hernia

  1. Femoral hernia: Hernia which occurs in the groin.
  2. Hiatus or Hiatal Hernia: This is hernia in stomach, which occurs in upper part of the stomach
  3. Umbilical Hernia: Hernia which occurs near the belly button.
  4. Incisional Hernia: Hernia which occurs when a surgical scar occurs.

Now that you are aware of the types of hernia, it is also important to know the causes of hernia.

Hernia Causes

    • The most common hernia which occurs is incisional hernia that is caused due to abdominal surgeries
    • Hernia can also be congenital, present at the time of birth
    • Hernia can easily develop in malnourished children
    • If a person is suffering from constipation since long and he puts pressure, then it can be the reason of hernia
    • Prolonged cough can also lead to hernia
    • BMI (body mass index) over 25 can be one of the causes of hernia

Let us now finally look at the home treatment at home for hernia.

Home Remedies for Hernia

Patients suffering from hernia are usually advised to opt for surgery. However, the hernia cure depends upon the severity and all types of hernia do not require surgery. You can always consult your doctor before starting any of the home remedies for hernia. However, before taking a decision regarding surgery, if it is not that urgent; try these home remedies for hernia  and see if you can avoid surgery.

1) Liquorice

home remedies for hernia

  • This herb liquorice is an American herb.
  • It helps to heal the stomach lining and the esophageal lining.
  • hernica ingredients also helps to relieve pain and burning sensation which occur in the throat and stomach.

2) Ginger Root

home remedies for hernia

  • When hernia occurs, lot of gastric acids and bile is released in the stomach and esophageal lining.
  • The best home remedies for hernia is Ginger root helps to protect the esophagus and stomach from further damage because of these gastric acids and bile.

3) Chamomile

home remedies for hernia

  • Chamomile is a well known herb, commonly known for its soothing effect and best inguinal hernia home treatment.
  • Hernia when occurs in the abdominal region can lead to acid reflux. The herb, chamomile helps to soothe the stomach lining and the esophageal lining.

4) Exercise

home remedies for hernia

  • It also plays a very important role in the treatment of hernia.
  • While exercising, target the core abdominal muscles. This will help you to lose weight and hence the pressure on the abdomen reduces.
  • Meditation is also a very good home remedy to get rid of hernia. You can also do yoga, breathing exercises for minimum 20-25 minutes a day.

5) Ice compresses

home remedies for hernia This inguinal hernia home treatment also works wonders at times. It helps in reducing your pain and swelling.

Dietary Tips to be followed for Hernia

  • Include a lot of fiber in your diet as it will help you prevent constipation.
  • Include lot of vegetable juice in your diet
  • Include minimum 2 glasses of buttermilk to keep your stomach lining smooth.
  • Include cucumber in your diet as it keeps the body temperature cool.
  • Avoid smoking, drinking and any other bad habits as it can lead to death.
  • Include 1 cup of warm milk with a pinch of cinnamon powder. It will help restrict acid reflux.

The above hernica ingredients will definitely help get relief from your pain. You can also take pre and probiotic capsules along with antioxidants to get rid of the pain that is caused by hernia. Once again, I would like to thank Mr. P. K. Krishnan for asking me to write on such an important topic which can help a number of other people. So, friends, please share this information and help someone reduce their suffering. I am sure they will appreciate it. For any other queries or inputs, please write in the comments section below.

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18 thoughts on “Know How To Cure Your Hernia Today!

  1. Bernadette Robert says:

    Thanku very much madame for the explanations it helps a lot. I have a friend she is suffering a lot with hernia. I did not know about cold water she was using hot water. I gave her chamomile tea n still advising her on her diet. I think she has a lump in her left side abdomen n bloating a lot. Can u help me how to advice her more plz. Thanku very much

    • Mukta agrawal says:

      An inguinal hernia occurs when tissue, such as part of the intestine, protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles. The resulting bulge can be painful, especially when you cough, bend over or lift a heavy object. An inguinal hernia isn’t necessarily dangerous.

      Inguinal hernia home remedies

      Some people may choose to utilize home remedies to treat their hernia, the most common of which include:

      Using ice or a cold compress to numb any pain
      Avoiding putting pressure or heat on the affected area
      Ensuring you get enough rest
      Maintaining a healthy body weight
      Breaking unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking
      Wearing looser clothes to avoid irritation of the affected area

  2. Nic says:

    Hi i saw that u have many kinds of hernica.. tablet, powder, medicina, capsule..etc.. i want to know what is the difference of those hernica product?

    Which one is the best and more effective and fastest for my mom she is 82 yrs old she got big tumor in tummy we thought she had tumor cancers and lately we found out that it was hernia in her outside abdominal but having pain at the side Nd lower abdominal and in the side of hips..
    I dont know whiich one is better Nd faster effective for my mom? Pls reply me at nv5678@yahoo.com

  3. Jain Tejraj says:

    How much,how many times before or after meals licorice powder to consume for curing or treating inguinal hernia

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi Jain Tejraj the doses of Licorice powder can be from 500 mg – 2 Good Morning 2 times a day depending upon the severity and acceptance and it is better to take before meals

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Dear Usman Ahmed
      The treatment of your condition depends on your cause and ranges from antibiotics to surgery.
      Hence, i would like to suggest you to consult your nearest urologist for your concern.

  4. Amanda Beach says:

    Wow Great blog Mukta! I agree with Richard, I never knew there was home remedies for Hernia. My husband had a Direct Inguinal hernia and he had it repaired last year. He recovered just fine and he exercises regularly now. Are there chances of them re-occuring? Can the same remedies be used to prevent that from re-occuring? Please advise!

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Dear Amanda, It feel great that you liked the topic.I am happy to hear that your husband recovered and with god’s grace he is fine now.If you ask me the chances of occurrence are 50-50 depending upon your lifestyle and diet.If you take a good care of both things it will never occur again.Yes the same remedies can be used to prevent the recurrence as well.

  5. Richard Parker says:

    Thanks for this informative blog. I didn’t know that there are home made remedies to ease hernia pain. If I knew I would have used it. The few days just before my hernia surgery was no less than hell. The pain was unbearable and I couldn’t eat a thing. Thinking of those days still makes me feel awful.
    Good that you shared this blog, even though it couldn’t help me, it will definitely help someone who is in pain.

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi richard,
      I am glad that you liked my blog.
      I would like to advice you that even after the surgery, you should still follow the above remedies for maintaining your health condition.
      Do write me if the topic of your choice and will surely write on the same.
      You are very right that this article can help many who are in pain and also it can a preventive measures for people who are at risk of getting Hernia.

      • Sazid says:

        Hii, very use full tips I appreciate that, but i have hernia below my abdomen almost near to the ba**s.i found the symptoms before 1 year and i am feeling too much pain now a days while working, traveling to my ofc.i know surgery is obvious but i cant go home till 1 more year cz i am working in middle east.please find any solution for my problem.how to resist it untill i get some time for surgery.thank you

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