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Home Remedies for Gas for Faster Relief

The production of gas in the human body is a natural part of the digestive process. Gas is produced as a by-product of digestion which occurs in our stomach. During the process, many gastric juices are secreted in our small and large intestines. These gastric juices help to digest the food properly. During this process, chemical reactions occur in our body as a result of which gas is produced. This gas is completely natural and is expected to be a part of our digestive mechanism.

Home Remedies for Gas For Faster Relief

However, sometimes excess gas can also be produced in our body. This excess secretion of gas may be the by-product of a number of things. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to an upset stomach condition. Excess gas is secreted in the stomach to maintain the normal process of digestion. Eating spicy and gas producing food items can also be one of the reasons. Improper chewing of food can also lead to the formation of gas. Stress, bacterial infections and digestive tract infection can also be one of the many reasons gas is produced in our stomach.

Common symptoms of gas problems can cause excessive flatulence, lack of appetite, stomach pain and burning, belching and even abdominal bloating. However, these problems can be solved with some home remedies which are like easily available. Some of the home remedies for gas problems are mentioned below. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to seek medical help.

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Home Remedies for Gas are Listed Below

CinnamonCinnamon-Sticks for gas relief

Cinnamon soothes the stomach and also prevents the further formation of gas. Cinnamon is known for its natural antibiotic properties and is used in households all over the world to treat common medical problems. Mixing cinnamon with milk and having it will soothe your burning stomach. Cinnamon tea can also be prepared and consumed.

Apple Cider Vinegarapples and for gas relief

Apple cider vinegar is a good choice when it comes to treating indigestion and also helps to soothe the stomach. This type of vinegar will give you instant relief from gas and will also help in soothing the irritation in your stomach. If apple cider vinegar is not easily available, one can try regular vinegar also. Apple cider can be mixed with a glass of warm milk and consumed. Alternatively, it can be cooled to room temperature and drunk.

Buttermilkbuttermilk for gas relief

Buttermilk is highly effective in solving the gas problem in stomach. It is an ayurvedic remedy in solving gas problems and flatulence. Celery seeds or carom seeds can be mixed in buttermilk and drunk.

Baking soda and lemon

Baking soda combined with lemon creates an excellent antacid. This solution acts as a natural medicine for gas and is also used by doctors sometimes in rural areas to treat patients with stomach disorders. One lemon can be cut and squeezed into a glass. Baking soda can be added to it about one tablespoon and consumed.

Garlicgarlic for gas relief

This pungent smelling herb with its heating quality helps secrete natural gastric juices which help in digestion and reduce the problem of gas. Garlic can be added to soups and consumed. It can also be taken as a solution by mixing garlic with water and drinking.


Asafetida is excellent in soothing irritated stomachs. It has anti-flatulence properties. Asafetida powders can be mixed with warm milk and consumed.

Cardamomcardamom for gas relief

This is another common spice which is helpful in curbing excessive gas. Cardamom seeds can be chewed or mixed in tea for an effective remedy.


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