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Home Remedies for Gas and Bloating

Gas is very common in every house. Some people face it as a chronic problem and it becomes painful and problematic if you do not take proper care of the gas problem. Some people also face gas problems as an extended effect that will greatly affect the body and your mental stability. Gas also leads to bloating and it is really a great problem. You can face gas and bloating problem from constipation, anxiety, ulcer, overeating, bowel problem and many more. You do not have to hop immediately to a doctor and you can try out some home remedies for gas. These remedies will cure you and you will get a better solution.

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Home remedies for gas & bloating

Fennel seeds

It is a great solution to your digestive problem it relaxes the muscle spasms in your digestive tract and give you better solutions. These seeds are really helpful for you. After having your meal, take some fennel seeds and you should chew it completely. You can also add some fennel seeds in a glass of water and then keep it to steep and then you can have it for 3 to 5 times in a day.


The menthol oil in the peppermint offers anti-spasmodic effect on your muscle of digestive tract. It will help you relieve the spasms in your gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder and even in your bile duct. It cools down the flatulence and helps in passing the food in a perfect manner. It is one of the best home remedies for bloating and you can the leaves to control the bloating.


The shogaols and gingerols are the compounds present in the ginger that helps you reduce the intestine inflammation and it also helps in relaxing your intestinal muscles. Cut thin 5 to 6 slices and add in the boiling water and then keep it to steep and then add some lemon juice and honey. Try this at home and you will surely get the benefit to control your gas. home remedies for gas & bloating

Chamomile Tea

It is an herbal tea that contains anti-spasmodic and anti-flammatory properties and it helps you control the gas in your stomach and reduce your heartburn process. Read the details to read the making of tea. Boil 1 cup of water, then add the tea bag and then cover the cup for 10 minutes. Take out the tea bag and then you must add honey and lemon juice and sip the tea as one of the best remedies for gas.

Caraway Seeds

It has carminative, anti-spasmodic and antimicrobial properties and the chemicals like caravene, carvol help you control the gas and bloating. It also controls the muscle tissue of your digestive tract and removes the gas to give complete relief from any type of gas and bloating. You can chew some seeds and get the instant relief.


It contains potassium, vitamin A and fiber to control your digestion and you will get rid of unwanted bloating and gas. You can have it as per your choice in different forms of recipe and give you a better solution to reduce your gas and bloating.

These are the home remedies for gas and bloating that you can follow and you will get the better result. Follow these remedies and know how to relieve gas or else you will face bad problems out of gas. If you do not get proper care of these remedies, then you must consult with health care professional. A concerned person will give you better solution of your problem and you will remain safe and secure from all your gas and bloating problems.

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