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Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Dry skin is ever a problematic thing that all of you face. They always provide enough trouble for you and invites research from you to get rid of it. There is no need of any more researchers to know how to get rid of dry skin, since here are the top 15 remedies of dry skin ready for your application. Before going to the remedies, you must be looking for the basic reasons, for which you face dry skin. One of the reasons for dry skin is definitely the use of soaps and detergent. Although people often have dry skin for arid weather, yet it has been found that 60 percent of the people having dry skin is having such due to the regular hot water bath. Too much exposure to the sun and excessive dryness of skin are also the causes of dry skin. When you practice the following homemade remedies, they are not going to disturb you anymore. So, note down the best guidelines.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Home Remedies for Dry Skin are

Drink plenty of water

If you are exposed to the Sun or finding dry skin due to less humidity in weather, drinking water will solve the issue perfectly for you. If you are having naturally dry skin, then it is the best way to nourish your skin from inside.

Drink plenty of water for dry skin

Avoid soaps

Generally, you love to use soaps that act as deodorant or as an antibacterial one. You must know that in those soaps, there is more alkaline content and hence dries the skin of yours. It is better to use the soaps that are creamy and that will nourish your skin appropriately.

avoid soaps to get rid of dry skin

Avoid hot water for skin

Too much hot water is not at all good for skin. It damages the quality of the skin and makes it dry from inside. It is hence better to take bath in cool water. If the weather you live in is too cool, use Luke warm water, while taking bath. This will keep the inner quality of your skin intact.

Avoid Hot Water  get rid of dry skin

Use gloves for washing utensils

If you wash your utensils with detergent, you will find that your skin is getting drier. Not only dryness affects the skin, but you can even find wrinkles on them also. Hence use vinyl gloves while washing the utensils, at your home. This will keep the skin of yours intact.

Neem-Face-Wash_336x280 (5)

Avoid sun exposure

If you are exposed to sun most of the time, due to the nature of your work, try to use sunscreen lotions. This will preserve the skin moisture and will not allow it to become dry. The natural quality of the skin is maintained by an hour exposure to sun, but more than that damages the moisture composition of skin.

avoid sun to get rid of dryskin

Corn starch

Corn starch is good for enhancing moisture in your skin. You can well use it as a natural moisturizer, if you just throw few pieces of it in the lukewarm water, that is ready for your bath. This will not only preserve the moisture content of your skin, but will also increase it to a greater extent.

corn starch to get rid of dryskin


Oatmeals are also good for retaining moisture in your skin. Just keep them in a sac and place it in the water of your bath. Keep it there for 15 to 20 minutes and remove them, before your bath time. It really works a lot for the skin.

oatmeal to get rid of dryskin


Use honey as a great skin care element. Beauticians use them a lot and they are really effective. Effect of them depends on the purity of the honey you apply ion your skin.

honey to get rid of dryskin

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is another ingredient that you will find common in the moisturizers. It has a great effect in the skin, and in fact it acts as a mask on the skin to retain the moisture content in it.

Petroleum-Jelly to get rid of dryskin

Banana paste

Paste banana and apply that on your skin for 15 minutes. It will act like a mask and finally when you remove it, you will find two things. It has removed the dirt from the face and it has made your skin nourished. In fact, it is the best among the tips to get rid of dry skin.

banana-paste to get rid of dryskin

Stop smoking

Smoking and alcohol are highly effective to create an imbalance of moisture in your skin. At times, you will find that they generate extra moisture that results in pimples, while at other times you will find them to be making your skin dry.

Stop Smoking  to get rid of dryskin

Use natural lotions and creams

Use lotions and creams on your body, especially in the winter time for the best result on your skin.

Use natural lotions and creams to get rid of dry skin


Exercise is the best health care and skin care too. With sweat, the skin excretes all the wastes out and retains the nourishment it needs.

exercise to get rid of dryskin

Healthy diet

Fresh fruits and vegetables are ideal for the betterment of the skin. It not only nourishes the skin with moisture, but retains the different pigments of vitamin in the skin.

Balanced Diet

Good sleep

Finally, make a habit of sound sleep. You can practice several things for that, but a sound sleep can prevent many diseases to overcome your body.


By following these simple home remedies for dry skin you can get a clear glowing skin.

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