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Home Remedies For Back Acne How To Get Rid Of Them

Are the tiny acne on your back bothering you too much? Can’t you flaunt yourself with the backless tops due to this unwanted guest on your back?

Well, you don’t need to worry anymore as there are several home remedies to get rid of back acne at an affordable cost. Also, these home remedies are very easy to follow and are really helpful.

Most of the time acne even cause pain while it gets higher. Acne is the aggravated condition of the red pimples on the skin. Home remedies always give the best results to demolish the back acne.

For you though it is quite tough to apply for the packs or medicines on the back yourself, but someone at your place can definitely help you out in this problem. There are so many ingredients which effect naturally on back acne surprisingly.

Home Remedies For Back Acne

Uses Of Sea Salt For Your Back Acne

Add two to three cups of sea salt in the bath tub and soak yourself in the bath tub almost for twenty to thirty minutes. This is the very simple procedure to get rid of back acne and needs no one to help you out.

Remember one thing that the sea salts should be natural rather than synthetic. The water should be lukewarm. If you follow the process constantly and thoroughly then, the remedy would work wonder on you. You can see the results by yourself after a week.


Opt For Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal bath is one of the very effective procedures when it comes to home remedies for back acne. Take three tablespoons of oatmeal and make a dust of it by finely grinding.

Mix this finely ground oatmeal with lukewarm water in the bath tub and then soak you for twenty to thirty minutes. Repeat the procedure daily to get rid of the back acne.

Home Remedies For Back Acne

Go For Oatmeal Honey Mask Too

Mix plain oatmeal with honey in an exact amount. The honey should be two to three tablespoons and the oatmeal’s amount also, should be three tablespoons.

Cook the oatmeal with water and add honey to it. Cool down the mixture. A little dry yet sticky mask will be formed that you can apply on your back and leave for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Wash your back with lukewarm water and see the results. This is one of the very effective home remedies for back acne you should try at home.


Choose Mint Leaves To Get Remedy

When it comes to pimples on back vastly, you can go for mint leaves treatment easily. Make a paste of the mint leaves as much as you need by crushing them in a mortar.

The thick paste directly you can apply on your back and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. You can get the result very soon if you repeat the process two to three times in a day.


Aloe Vera Is For Back Acne

Go to heal your pimples on back in a very short time by using Aloe Vera gel directly on your back. Cut the leaf and apply the thick gel instantly. Keep it for a while then wash it off.

You should try the remedy two to three times a day. The process not only decreases the pimples but also provides soothing feeling too on your back that is affected by acne.


Lavender Oil Is Too Good

Lavender oil is very much effective for your pimples on the back too.  Mix seven to eight drops of lavender oil with lukewarm water or sea salt or Epsom salt as you want.

Add this mixture again in the bathtub and soak for fifteen to twenty minutes or more than that to get a better result. Apply the procedure one to three times a day.


Baking Soda For Back Acne

Baking soda works amazingly when it comes to back acne treatment at home. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with water and apply this paste directly on your back.

Leave the paste for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash it with normal water. See the results of the paste which exfoliates your back perfectly.

back acne treatment at home

Clove Oil For The Pimples

Mix one part of clove oil with ten parts of almond oil. Apply the mixture by using a cotton pad or clean fingertip. Try to apply the mixture of oil only at a pimple affected areas.

You should keep in mind that pure clove oils should not be applied as it causes irritation or even can burn your pimple affected skin. But when clove oil is mixed with almond oil, it works wonder in removing back acne.

Cinnamon – Honey Mask Works Great

Mix two tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of ground cinnamon and half tablespoon fresh lime juice. Lime juice is optional for you.

Apply the mask on your back and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash your back then with lukewarm water to get rid of the back acne.


Proper Diet And Lifestyle Should Be Maintained

A good food habit and lifestyle always influences the most and is the best back acne treatment at home. Try to drink lots of water to demolish the toxic substances from the body.

Your diet should contain healthy foods like green vegetables, fruits, cereals, etc. The proteins, carbohydrates and minerals level should be maintained by your body as you eat healthy foods.


Avoid Fast Food

Try to avoid junk foods, fast foods, fried foods to get rid of back acne. Try to give up your hard drinks and other beverages. You should sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning too.

You should do some physical exercise which helps in reducing the toxic level from the body.

Thus, you can try these easy homely procedures on a regular basis to get good results as soon as possible. It is not hard to get rid of back acne. Just follow the remedies mentioned above and keep maintaining a healthy living style.

Get relieved from your back acne easily and show off your back by wearing backless dresses proudly.

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