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Herbal Hair Oil – Give “Life” To Your Tresses

What is it?

Stress and tension is one of the primary reasons for hair loss. Our hectic lifestyle leaves us with very little time to take care of ourselves. The dirt, dust and grime along with sweat leads to an unclean scalp which in turn leads to dandruff and itchiness and further hair loss. Hence, it is advisable that you start taking care of your hair as soon as possible. The right oil can make a lot of difference. You hair needs the right amount of essential nutrients and vitamins so that it can get back its original glow and shine. Opt for Herbal Hair Oil. This oil is made out of the best natural ingredients. All the ingredients are mixed in the right proportion so that your hair is healthy, lustrous, long and strong. The oil is specially formulated so that the scalp gets all the required nourishments and becomes strong from the tip. It is non sticky oil; hence you can apply it and step out of the house without any hassle.


Benefits of Herbal Hair OilHair Growth

When you start applying the Herbal Hair Oil on a daily basis, you are ensuring that there is a healthy hair growth. It is true that hair is a protein strand, but the scalp requires its regular share of vitamins and essential elements. Hence, you need to oil your hair twice a week so that the scalp is nourished properly the hair tip become strong and healthy.

Prevent Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Bacteria and fungi infections can occur in the scalp if the pore is clogged and not cleaned thoroughly. Hence in addition to washing your hair with a good shampoo, you also need to oil your hair on a regular basis so that the scalp does not become dry, flaky or itchy in the long run.

Relaxes mind and body

The moment you massage your hair, the blood circulation improves which in turn relaxes your mind and body. The moment the mind and body are relaxed, the stress level gets reduced automatically which in turn improves the quality of the scalp. Hence, the new hair that appears is automatically of good quality.

Shine and luster

Regular massaging of oil improves the quality of the hair, which in turn makes the hair lustrous and shinier. In fact, split ends also disappear.

Prevent Dandruff

Oiling your hair keeps the scalp well nourished as such the scalp does not get dry or flaky. Hence, the chances of suffering from dandruff get reduced to a great extent.

Prevents Greying and acts as a protective sheath

Regular oiling helps to prevent premature greying. Melanin, the pigment that gives color to your skin also gives color to your hair. Regular oiling helps to maintain the balance; hence the greying of hair is controlled to a great extent.

Reduces hair fall

As already mentioned, regular oiling improves the blood circulation of the scalp which in turn improves the root of the hair thereby you suffer from less hair fall. As the herbal hair oil has a unique herbal formulation and is Paraben free, hence the condition of your hair improves a lot. You will notice a visible difference in the quality of your hair.

Side effects, if any

Herbal hair oil does not have any side effects. As it is made out of natural ingredients, there is nothing to fear about. However, in case the quality of your hair does not improve and you still suffer from dandruff and hair loss, it is better that you visit a medical professional. Hair growth oil


Take 5 to 6 ml of the oil and apply it on your scalp. Massage it gently so that the scalp soaks up the oil. Leave the oil for a minimum duration of 3 hours and then was it off with a mild shampoo. For better results, apply the oil at least 4 times every week. Store it in a cool dry place away from children. Keep the bottle cap tightly close. This oil is a complete ayurvedic product. There are many online stores that deal in this oil. All you need to do is select the bottle size that you would like to purchase and place the order accordingly. You can opt for online payment or payment on delivery mode. Select the one that best meets your requirement or need. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and place the order today only. You can recommend it to your loved ones and family members as well.

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