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Healthy Body, Wealthy Heart!

Heart disease or technically better known as cardiovascular disease is more or less affecting every other person living around us. A major part of the 21st-century human population is plagued by the heart ailment. Heart disease or cardiovascular disease causes most human deaths around the globe. Such an infestation of the disease is due to several reasons. Heart Diseases One of the major and also evident boons that our society has been blessed with is the development at a technological level with the rise in machines in all aspect of human life. Though this side of advancement is definitely advantageous, yet this also has several backlashes upon us. With the huge rise in electrical appliances, the proportionate conclusion is our misplaced faith on them and therefore leading to a huge inactivity at a physical level essentially. It is a known fact that inactivity at a physical level is the root cause of several of the diseases that our modern civilization is cursed with. The world of men is affected by heart problem much earlier than the world of women.

Modify Your Daily Habits, To Stay Healthy!

In a world of the superior level of competition, one might not get the chance to indulge oneself in active exercise on a daily basis. But at the very moment you cannot hope to overlook the seat of life residing within your body. So, what can be your solution? Do not be afraid. To keep you ‘kicking and alive’ the easiest solution to aid in a busy life can be to follow a simple and balanced diet. Millions, for long, have put an effort to find the perfect balance in their food habits in order to maintain a healthy body which in turn leads to a healthy heart. Balanced Diet

The Importance of a balanced diet!

Bad food habits can destroy not only the balance within your body, but also the balance within your mind. One of the major ingredients that our body is generally blasted with, through an abhorring food habit, is cholesterol. These habits are also connected to our mental health too. You might have noticed that if you are depressed or say happy you tend to overeat yourself. Stress eating is becoming more and more common amongst us nowadays. And the meal during stress-eating taken to put our mind at ease is always without failure, unhealthy. If one particular human being has been diagnosed with high cholesterol level or heart disease then a balanced and healthy diet is as essential as controlling your weight through exercising.

The Role of Positive Thinking and Good Mood!

Think PositiveHeart disease is the leading assassin in the world of men and women. It also surpasses the body count which is reached by all kinds of cancers. Being diagnosed with a heart disease also ushers in depression within one’s mind and tends to modify our general outlook on life. Sometimes it sets in the tremendous amount of depression within one’s mind which might lead to binge eating, better known as overeating. But controlling the eating habits with very little amount of guidance can help to lower your cholesterol levels, lower your blood sugar level and maintain a healthy weight thus eventually leading to a better mood.

Nutrition is the key to fitness!

Healthy Diet Though we all know that a healthy diet can solve our problem, yet we all get confused about where to initiate with, in this subject. To understand this, we need to be informed that, for a healthful heart we all are required to follow an overall balanced diet. No single magical food can ever cure this kind of a disease. Therefore we all need to introduce various kinds of nutritious food, cooked nutritiously into our regular diet routine. The following points will help us to understand this in a better way:

Essentials to keep in mind for a good food habit!

Kinds of food you should have more: All kinds of fat are not bad. Healthy fats from foods like avocados, fish oils, olive oils, raw nuts and flax seeds have proven good for the heart. Also, we must consume fresh vegetables and fruits for nutrients. Whole grain foods, bread and cereals supply fiber which is good for health. Also, we should look to enrich our body with calcium and protein through foods like unsweetened yogurt and egg whites.

Foods which Are Likely To be avoided

article-2424396-1BE51132000005DC-196_634x286 Red meat provides our body with saturated fats, the kind which should completely be avoided. Also, a person should avert packed food items with the high concentration of sugar or sodium. Also, too much sugar is not good for a healthy heart. Therefore, we can clearly see that we have to embrace foods with more nutritional value. We must also remember to avoid saturated and Trans fat containing food from our diet. While doing this one must also know that all kinds of fat are not that bad and is required by our body itself. These are Omega 3 fatty acids (found in canola oil, salmon, trout and walnuts), Omega 6 fatty acids (various kinds of seeds, soy nuts, vegetable oils etc.) and Monosaturated fats (pecans, peanuts, butter made from these nuts, avocados, cashew and almond). Also, people who are analyzed with huge cholesterol can lower it with fish or fish oil supplements.

Other ways to keep a healthy heart:

➢    Be physically active every day. ➢    Avoid smoking. ➢    Avoid heavy drinking. ➢    Keep rational weight as per your height. ➢    Keep your blood sugar levels low. ➢    Also keep a healthy blood pressure. ➢    De-stress your heart. ➢    Volunteer to fight heart disease. ➢    Maintain regular and healthy sleeping hours each and every day. Therefore, one can easily understand the innumerable advantages of a healthy heart. A healthful heart lets you lead your life conveniently, through a healthful body and through a healthy mind. You, with a healthy and wealthy heart, can hope to transform yourself, from a thinker to a doer. The malady of the heart, epidemic, of our advanced civilization, can be eradicated fully. But for this only medication would not help. Each and every person around the globe needs to be conscious enough and step up for the good of our race putting an end to the disease. Conquer yourself and possess a healthy heart.

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