Why Opt For Best Fish Oil Supplements?

The Health Benefits Of Fish Oil Briefed

Fats are not always bad to health; there are some fatty acids which are very essential for proper working of the human body.

These fatty acids are very helpful for proper brain function, energy boosting, healthy and glowing skin, etc.

These essential fatty acids are nothing but the omega-3 fatty acids. They are not synthesized in the human body but should be acquired through diet like fish, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, soya bean oil, etc.

Among them, we shall discuss fish oil.

What Is Fish Oil?

Fish oil has multiple benefits and is a good source for essential fatty acids.

Fish oil is obtained from the oil rich tissues of different oily fishes. It is a rich source for essential fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acids. The benefits of omega-3 are numerous.


Usually, the food we consume contains low amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore, now-a- days, fish oil supplements have become very popular among people, especially in USA.

People of all age groups require omega 3 fatty acids. It is also prescribed for a pregnant woman and diseased people as well.

Fish oil is so beneficial because besides omega-3 fatty acids which in turn give DHA and EPA, it also possesses Vitamin D and some proteins.

The following gives a brief outlook on the benefits.

Benefits Of Fish Oil

1. Better Brain Function

In Adults, fish oil improves memory, reasoning and focus. You’ll certainly find the difference once you take good amount fish oil supplements.

Better Brain Function

You get smarter and sharper. Also, it is given to a pregnant woman for the overall nourishment of the baby, especially it helps in better growth of brain. It helps improving the sleeping patterns.

2. Fish Oil Slows Down Ageing Process

Supplementing with fish oil increases the integrity of telomeres present at the end of DNA. These in turn slows ageing process.

Fish Oil Slows Down Ageing Process

Researchers from Ohio State University (OSU) discovered recently that healthy adults who supplemented with between 1.25 grams and 2.5 grams of fish oil every day for four months showed great results.

They altered their fatty acid profiles so significantly that the telomeres in their white blood cells remained far more preserved than normal.

3. Relieves From Pain And Inflammation

Omega-3 supplements further produces DHA and EPA, which gives anti-inflammatory action against the conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and chronic back pain.

Fish Oil Slows Down Ageing Process

They can also protect you against chronic inflammations when taken daily. It also helps reducing associated fever, skin rashes and fatigue.

4. Cardiac Care

Omega 3 fatty acids help in reducing high cholesterol level, maintaining balance in blood pressure and thus protects from heart diseases.

Cardiac Care

It protects you from strokes and heart attacks by breaking the clots that cause damage. At least 1 gm per day of DHA and EPA helps cardiac protection.

5. Prevention Of Breast, Colon And Prostate Cancers

Fish oil prevents the conversion of normal cell into a cancerous cell.

Prevention Of Breast, Colon And Prostate Cancers

Through studies, it is known that a woman who consumes fish oil soft gels daily or frequently is 37% less likely to be affected by breast cancers.

DHA has those anti-cancer properties which help in the prevention of prostate cancer in men.

6. Eye And Vision Disorders

It is well known to improve vision and also helps in avoiding age related macular degeneration.

Eye And Vision Disorders

7. Hair Care

Omega 3 fatty acids provide nourishment to the hair follicles and aids faster hair growth.

Hair Care

8. Weight loss

Regular exercise combined with fish oil for weight loss has a positive effect on body shape and composition of the user.

Purity is a case of concern for fish oil.

Good quality fish oil capsules benefits one and all.

Hence, friends try to incorporate fish oil in your daily routine or if you are hesitant to take fish oil, at-least consume flax seed oil which can give you omega 3, 6 fatty acids that are not synthesised in your body, yet highly beneficial. Weight loss  in your body, yet highly beneficial.

For vegans and vegetarians, INLIFE launched Omega 3, 6, 9 veg. Capsules that are encapsulated in HPMC capsule shell.

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