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Green Tea Extract Supplement – From Flab To Fit

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea

What is it?

Chaha or green tea is the latest health fad. Its weight loss benefits have made the green tea immensely popular amongst the users across the globe. A great source of antioxidants, especially catechins that plays a significant role in increasing the immunity system along with the overall cardiovascular health, green tea is a must have if you are planning to lose weight.

Individuals, who are on the verge of becoming obese, should make sure that they consume this Green Tea Extract Capsules on a daily basis if they want to ensure a slimmer version along with lower cardio vascular risks and palpitations. These supplements are available in online stores that can be easily purchased any time.

Green Tea Extract Supplement

How are they made?

There are several ways by which the Green Tea Extract Supplement can be made. The tea leaves are dried and then made into the capsule form. These capsules are easily available at health food store. Another popular way of making these extract supplements is through the industrially processed method. You can opt for any of these versions as both of them are equally beneficial.

How does it work?

If you wish to get the best possible results out of the Green Tea Extract Supplement then make sure that you drink enough water. This is essential because the supplements have caffeine and other ingredients that are diuretics in nature. You can consume the pill along with your meal or even after it. However, it is better if you have the supplement after your meal. Don’t forget to intake it along with fish oil and Quercetin in order to maximize the benefits of Green Tea Extract Supplement. It is seen that both these items tend to increase the bioavailability of green tea’s.

Benefits of green tea extract supplements

Benefits of Green Tea Extract

With 70% polyphenols, Green Tea Extract Supplement ensures the following benefits:

  • It helps to lose weight and ensure that you maintain the weight in the long run
  • It promotes cardiovascular health and minimizes the risk of heart attacks
  • It lowers the risk of infection. As such skin irritation and rashes do not occur.
  • Brain function gets improved significantly as the blood flow increases.
  • Healthy and glowing skin is ensured. Acne eruptions are reduced to a great extent.


Green Tea Extract

Side effects if any

Green tea is getting popularity over the days. In fact health fanatics across the globe are picking up the habit of drinking green tea at least once daily. But then there are many who cannot tolerate the substances present in the green tea. So it is better if you are careful in the initial stages and lookout for sudden rise in heart beats, anxiety, and other general oddness after taking green tea. If you experience any one of these, then we recommend that you consult a health professional immediately before you continue with its consumption.


Take 1 capsule of Green tea extract supplements every day after you have your meal. For better results store it in a cool, dry place. However, avoid storing it in the refrigerator. You can consult a medical professional any time regarding the dosage.

The bottom line on Green Tea Extract Supplement

If you are planning to buy Green Tea Extract Supplement than we recommend that you opt for good quality capsules that are available at an authorized and well-known health food store. Don’t buy it from any random store. Always check out the online review to have a clear idea and perception about the product and the store from which you are planning to buy. Make sure that the supplement contains the required amount of catechins to maintain your body weight.

Over the ages, the green tea is used majorly as a drink. The concept of Green Tea Extract Supplement is relatively new, so give time for your body to adjust. In case you don’t like the taste of green tea there is nothing to worry about. Over a period of time, you will develop a taste for it. Remember the first time, you had coffee, you did not like it instantly but over the time you have grown fond of it? Well it is the same in this case as well.

Now that you are all set to make Green Tea Extract Supplement a part of your daily diet, don’t forget that you will not lose weight by simply having the supplement. You need to follow a regular diet along with regular exercise if you wish to see the desired results in your weight loss program.

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