Top 5 foods to get rid of Constipation

Natural Foods to relieve Yourself from Constipation


People suffering from constipation constantly complain of uneasiness and it upsets their entire routine making them uncomfortable. If a person does not have proper motions in the morning or if the body is not able to excrete well, it makes people uncomfortable and they can’t concentrate on their work. Sometimes the stomach feels upset, sometimes your breath stinks and sometimes headache is initiated if the stomach is not clear. Constipation problem is similar to the situations where people can’t wear unclean clothes, can’t eat in dirty utensils and many such situations. Similarly, if a person needs to be externally cleaned, he needs to be cleaned internally. Cleansing your body internally in the form of urine or bowels is very important for you to be healthy and hygienic.

It is a common problem for most of the people who face irregular bowel movement. But, sometimes constipation causes shooting pain or even bleeding in some people. You might end up with severe pain and discomfort. Hence, you must never ignore any of your constipation issues, even if it is minor and take the proper constipation cure at the first stage itself.

Here we will discuss about constipation treatment and how you can take care of it by eating the right foods, because there are foods that cause constipation and foods that cure constipation. But before that understanding the causes of constipation are important.

Causes of Constipation

  • Diet

If the diet that you are consuming lacks enough fiber in it, then it is natural for you to suffer from constipation.

  • Lack of exercise

Exercise is very important to stay fit and healthy. So, one has to do regular exercise in order to get smooth bowel movements.

  • Less water intake

Dehydration or lack of water may also lead to digestion problems and constipation.

  • Pregnancy Causes Constipation

During pregnancy, many women suffer from constipation. If you are suffering both pain and bleeding frequently, then consult a doctor because that might lead to serious digestive disorders.

Foods To Avoid Constipation

You can add some good changes in your diet in order to get rid of constipation.

  • Berries

food for constipation


Good amount of raspberries, blackberries and strawberries are all good and sweet examples of fiber rich food. Among these, raspberries and blackberries are a rich source of fiber. You can have plenty of them since it has no calories and are rich in antioxidants too.

  • Pears, Plums and Apples

food for constipation

Pears are considered to be natural laxatives and food for constipation. The peel of pears, plums and apples contain a lot of fiber to help you ease your bowel movement. Hence, it is advisable to have these fruits without peeling them off. The pectin in the fruit is also very beneficial and they are considered to be the best medicine for constipation,

  • Beans

food for constipation

Beans are one of the best and high fiber foods for constipation. They can provide twice as much fiber as most vegetables. Making them a regular part of your healthy diet will help you ward off constipation. A half-cup serving of navy beans will provide 9.5 grams of fiber, while a similar size serving of kidney beans provides 8.2 grams. Beans are incredibly versatile and can be tossed into any number of salads, soups, casseroles and pasta.

  • Dry Fruits

food for constipation

Dry fruits like dates, apricots, and prunes are a good source of dietary fiber. Among these, especially prunes possess laxative property along with the dietary fiber because of the presence of sorbitol.

  • Broccoli or Spinach

food for constipation

Broccoli is a good source of fiber and hence a great food for constipation. It is also a great source of nutrients while still being low in calories. Even spinach contains good amount of fibers.

  • Baked Skinny Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes

food for constipation

One medium baked potato with the skin on will provide 3.8 grams of fiber in your fight against constipation. Baked sweet potato with its skin provides 4.8 grams of fiber. One can prefer only boiled or baked potatoes or sweet potatoes. Fried potato snacks like French fries, cutlets, etc. may add up to calories.

  • Whole Grain Bread

food for constipation

Whether for sandwiches or with a meal, the bread you eat should be made from whole grains to help keep your constipation at bay. Whole grain breads are low in fat, high in dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates.

These are some of the fiber rich foods that are good for digestion and allied activities. Incorporating these in your daily routine will aid for overall health. These are few home remedies for constipation which acts like a medicine.

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