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Golden Advice To First-Time Mothers On The Significances On Breastfeeding

“There is no substitute for a mother’s milk”, is undoubtedly a fact that many people started accepting now for the benefits of their infants. Breast milk is a nourishment for all the newborns that helps them in raising since the immemorial time. It helps in the healthy growth of the infants. Usually, breast milk is produced at the end of pregnancy, and that is the most recommended food for the babies from all the health organizations worldwide. And the feeding should commence as soon as possible after the birth of the baby, that is within 1 to 3 hours. breastfeedingsketch 01

Importance of breastfeeding

There is no complete food for an infant other than breast milk. Breast milk has the perfect proportion and it is enriched with vitamins, calories, and minerals. What not? From the exclusive nutrients to the antibodies which are the protection of a birth of an infant, breast milk has it all! Breastfeeding has its own medical and psychological benefits for both Mommy and the child. In addition to that, breastfeeding goes in the favor of creating a special bond between the child and mom that is exceptional and provides a remarkable nutrition to the child. WBF-week-WHO

Why a Breastfeeding Week?

Initially, breastfeeding was organized by World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) in the year of 1992 and promoted by UNICEF. Now it became an annual celebration, accepted by more than 120 countries worldwide from 1st to 7th August with a unique slogan each year. They constantly encouraged and made people realize the significance of breastfeeding for the first six months in order to get the unconvincing health benefits and to fulfill all the vital nutrients for a baby, that are needed after birth. This also helps to guard the infant from harmful diseases such as pneumonia, neonatal jaundice and much more. The theme for this year is “Breastfeeding: A key to Sustainable Development.”

Nutritional information of breastmilk:

Breastmilk contains two types of proteins that allow for an easy digestion. This protein also plays a vital role in protecting the baby against the infection
  • Whey – 60%  and Casein – 40%
  • Lysozyme – protects the infant against E.
  • Bifidus factor supports the growth of lactobacillus helps to protect the baby against lethal bacterial infections
  • Lactoferrin protects the gastrointestinal tract by suppressing the growth of iron-dependent bacteria.

Good for the Child:

Everyone knows that the superior take in for infants than all the food items is breast milk, that obviously beats all the milk formulas which are out in the market. No matter what, the nutritional value of breast milk can’t be replaced by any other substitute. Moreover, there is a strong evidence that proves children who were breastfed earlier, they score higher on teacher ratings as well as the IQ in their academic performance. They are less likely to develop diseases such as asthma and becoming obese also it plays a major part in preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Mother-and-Child

Good for Moms:

This is an asset for every Mommy. Breastfeeding is the best way to create a bond with the newborn. Because a newborn baby has just 3 demands which are the knowledge of his/her mother’s presence, the warmth of her arms and food from her breasts, breastfeeding helps every Mommy’s to achieve all three demands. And a research came up with the result that breastfeeding can provide a measure of protection against ovarian cancer, weak bones, and breast cancer in the future. cow-colostrum_336x280 (2)


Everyone can definitely agree that Colostrum is equivalent to liquid gold and it is a fact as well. Initially, after giving birth to the baby, your body will be producing colostrum, that is best suited for your newborn’s need for relatively small feeds. Colostrum is rich in proteins and antibodies that help to build your infant’s immunity. Colostrum does the great favor of preparing your baby’s digestive system for the mature milk which he will receive in the next few days.Colostrum contains sugars that provide the energy required by the growing body of your baby also it helps your infant to sleep tight. The breastfeeding should be done throughout the day and night. Usually, for a 2 or 4-weeks old baby demands it for 8 to 12 times in a day. Also, the session of the breastfeeding will take 20 to 45 minutes when it comes for a newborn. The feeding should be done on a side until baby stops sucking, once it is over and the baby is relaxed, burp the baby and feed him/her on the other side. Don’t use pacifiers just to lengthen the duration. Also, it is okay to cluster feed. Be aware, of the inadequate breast milk since it can put your baby’s health at a high risk of health problems like malnutrition, poor memory, weak immune system and much more. Here are a couple of home remedies to increase your breast milk. 1. Fennel Seeds: Helps in increasing your breast milk production. Add a tablespoon of Fennel Seeds in a cup of water, leave it for 30 minutes, strain the solution and drink it. Inlife_Ad_336x280 (65) 2. Fenugreek:
  • Contains phytoestrogens that helps in stimulating milk producing glands. Soak a tablespoon of fenugreek in a cup of water overnight. Boil it for few minutes in the morning along with the seeds, strain water and drink it. Make a daily practice.
  • Alternatively, for the first 10 days you can also take 3 fenugreek capsules, 3 times a day and then take 2 for another 10 days. Finally take one for the rest of the days.
3. Cumin Seeds:  Helps in stimulating milk production. Mix a teaspoon of cumin powder with a teaspoon of sugar. Take  this mixture with a glass of warm milk every day before going to bed. Do it for a few weeks. Eventually breast milk is for your baby and satisfaction of your baby’s well being is yours. Breastfeeding is exclusively recommended for first 6 months. So, go along with it since it is having a plenty of health benefits for you and your child. It is never too early to think about how are you going to breastfeed your baby. Make a good plan since it is a tough skill to be mastered, and figure out all the beautiful ways for the healthy growth of your infant!    

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