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An “All You Need To Know About Guide” On The Benefits Of Breastfeeding

An "All You Need To Know About Guide" On The Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Breast milk is the first food that your baby gets from you soon after birth. It is considered the best and most important nutrition which babies get from their mothers.  Breast milk not only quenches the thirst of your baby but also boosts up his/her body immunity helping it to fight against the foreign bodies entering. Pediatricians recommend mothers to feed their babies with the milk produced at the very first stage after childbirth.

1076x615-breastfeeding-diet-balanced-nutrition-for-mom-babyWhy is Colostrum important?

Colostrum as it is referred; is the very first produced milk by mothers post pregnancy. This milk is yellowish and sticky in texture which is also termed often as “liquid gold”. Similar to gold being an expensive metal; this milk is expensive and important for babies for their physical development and immunity. Being rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and antibodies; it helps the body for developing immunity against any germs and diseases. Though colostrum comes in a very small amount; even a single feed of it is valuable for the health of the baby as well as the mother.

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Breastfeeding is not dependent on your breast or nipple size

Almost every mother feels comfortable with breastfeeding. In fact, breastfeeding is the best part of motherhood every woman look forward to relish. Being unable to breastfeed or suffering physically from breastfeeding is quite rare. Whether you are having large or small breast or inverted nipples does not matter when it comes to breastfeeding. Whatever is the case; your breast tissues are designed naturally in a manner which makes them capable of producing adequate milk for your baby even if you are having twins. However alike every other thing; breastfeeding too requires practice and patience on the part of the mother. If you are facing any difficulty with it; never feel ashamed for breastfeeding holds relevant significance for both you and your child.

breastfeeding-babyBreastmilk vs. Formula Milk

Breastfeeding has always topped the list of infant food. Never can formula milk match up with the benefits which a child derives from breastfeeding. Neither does breast milk require time nor any other fluid like water for its preparation. The composition of breast milk adjusts to give your baby whatever he/she is in need of in any weather condition or health-related circumstances. This is why in the case of premature babies; doctors ask mothers to make attempts of expressing some milk as the same can do a miracle for the child.

Significance of Breastfeeding for the baby

As you are keen to know the significance of breast milk for your child; check out the ones mentioned below:

Helps in reducing the development of infection: On an average; babies who have been well fed with breast milk are less prone to infections in the early stage of their life compared to those fed mostly with formula milk. This is because breast milk contains antibodies which increase the body immunity and are less exposed to health issues like chest infection, diarrhea and others common in infants.


Helps in reducing SIDS:  The risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) or cot death is low among infants being fed with breast milk. Though the mechanism has not been explained fully; but it has been surveyed that breastfeeding helps to fight SIDS.

Helps in developing both emotional and psychological factors: Medical science has surveyed that babies who have been well fed with breast milk during their infancy have better IQ than those who have been fed with bottled milk. It is also breastfeeding boosts up the bond between the mother and her baby. Thus is because of the skin contact which both the mother and the child share when undergoing the process of breastfeeding. Your way of cuddling the baby makes it feel warm safe and secure.

Loosens the mucus and prevents constipation: Breastfeeding loosens the mucus of the newborn and reduces the chances of constipation thus helping in easy passage of stool; especially meconium or the first stool.

Helps in reducing health risks in the long term: Children who have been well fed with breast milk up to six months from birth possess higher body immunity compared to those who are devoid of it or left it early.

Importance of Breastfeeding for mothers


Breastfeeding is also beneficial for the mother; says medical science. Upon conducting several surveys; it revealed that women who have fed at least one or two babies with breast milk are less exposed to the threat of diseases like diabetes (type 2), ovarian cancer, breast cancer and postnatal depression. Also, those mothers who have fed their babies for 6 months and above; are less prone to hypertension and  cardiovascular issues. The most advantageous fact associated with breastfeeding is that it helps you in reducing the weight which you have gained abruptly and unwillingly during pregnancy.

Final Say

Thus breastfeeding seems beneficial not only for the babies but also for the mothers. It is one of the most convenient ways of feeding your child at the same time experiencing motherhood at its best. Moreover, breastfeeding does not charge you even a penny and seems to be highly beneficial when you are feeling restless and tired.  However being a first-time mother; you might be having problems with the technique of breastfeeding. In such cases; never hesitate to seek suggestions from your gynecologists or counselor about the same. You can also take the help of a midwife during the initial feeding weeks.

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