Gluten free Grains are Good for Health – Know How

List of Gluten Free Foods Any Their Significance Explained

gluten free foods

Lot of people are found to be gluten sensitive. But, there is nothing to worry about or be depressed. Being gluten-sensitive does not mean you have to forgo all your favorite foods. Yes, I agree it’s a bit tricky when you have to list out food that are gluten-free; there is a great variety of natural, gluten-free options which you can happily enjoy. Gluten-free eating is possible without sacrificing on taste.

Nowadays there are many “gluten-free” versions in the grocery shelves as several companies have come up with dedicated production facilities to ensure safe gluten-free products.

Now, stop worrying about that and read this article that outlines the food to opt-in and opt-out while going gluten free. You can surely have a good variety in your gluten free diet. Following is the list that you can enjoy eating.

Food and Drinks that contain Gluten

Foods like wheat, barley, rye, beer, ale, chocolates, couscous, french fries, salad dressings, vegetarian burgers, and sausage contain gluten in them.

Gluten-Free Food and Drinks

Vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, and tomatoes; fruits, beef, pork, eggs, cheddar cheese, quinoa, millet, honey, peanut butter, coffee and tea are gluten free. So, there are many foods available around you. Have a look at the following before you start preparing the list of your grocery items, to fetch some ideas as to what foods need to be gluten-free and what need not to.

Naturally gluten free foods

There are many foods that are naturally gluten-free.

  • Fresh fruits
  • Plain beans
  • Plain nuts and seedsFresh, plain milk, butter, margarine, cream
  • Plain corn
  • Plain white rice, brown rice, wild rice
  • Fresh eggs
  • Fresh beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, and seafood
  • Oils
  • Sugar, honey, molasses
  • Spices and herbs

Gluten free foods

Fruits and Vegetables

With very few exceptions, you can enjoy all the fresh fruits and vegetables. But be watchful with the pre-packed food, which may contain gluten or undergo cross-contamination.

Single-ingredient frozen fruits and vegetables (e.g., frozen peas or frozen green beans) are safe, but you should read labels. Many gluten free food products are coming up nowadays.  


Fresh meats, poultry and fish with no added ingredients are gluten free unless processed and kept away from cross-contamination at the store. Avoid gravy (sauce) as most of it contains gluten in it. Also, beef, chicken, duck, goat, goose, lamb, pork etc., are all gluten free foods.

Milk, Eggs and Dairy Products

Fresh plain milk, butter (with no additives), plain yogurt, whey, fresh eggs and many cheeses, are gluten-free. Some other products found in the dairy section, such as tapioca pudding, are gluten-free. Some ice creams are gluten-free, and some are not — so make sure you check out the ingredients before consuming it.

Breads and Cereals

This is a very tricky section of your gluten-free grocery shopping. Just remember to read label specifically before you place any of these foods in your cart. Its better you seek more information on them before you get to buy them.

Baking Mixes and Supplies

Any baking mix you buy should be specifically labeled “gluten-free.” Most baking products, such as baking soda, sugar and cocoa, are considered gluten-free, but you will have to check ingredients to make sure.


Among sauces, soy sauce carries the concern, so go for it only if you find it labeled “gluten-free”. Others you can find multiple options offering gluten free.


Teas and coffee are gluten free unless they are flavored.

Fruit juices made of 100 percent fruits should be safe. But drinks made with added ingredients may not be good to go.

Wine is gluten free, but beer contains gluten. Cheer up! You may raise it for gluten-free beer. Finally, the rule of thumb is to avoid processed foods and eat more fresh and whole foods. Also, do read the food labels carefully for any hidden gluten in the ingredients or get it cleared from the manufacturer before you end up buying expensive gluten-free items and regret later for anything.

Gluten free diet helps in weight loss provided you make a good gluten free diet plan for yourself.  So cheers and enjoy.

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