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Get Stronger Bones And More Immunity With Daily Doses Of Vitamin D

  Vitamin DThe sunshine vitamin is a vital one among all the vitamins that are of utmost importance in your life. The best way of taking it is soaking in the sun but you can get tanned if you stay out for long. Eating vitamin D enriched natural foods like fruits and vegetables or even supplements is an effective idea. The human body and its various parts function properly if you take it on a daily basis. People have become more health conscious than ever before and that has contributed to its rising popularity. A basic idea about its utility to the body is important. The fat soluble vitamin can affect approximately 20,000 genes present in the body.

Get stronger bones

Stronger bones Vitamin D performs a number of functions like ensuring the absorption of phosphorus and calcium. It also helps in the growth of a solid immune system which helps the body in preventing a number of diseases. Bones and teeth grow normally and strongly when the vitamin is consumed regularly. The lack of it can lead to osteoporosis or osteomalacia. Bone health is particularly important for women because owing to child birth you lose a lot of calcium which weakens the bones. During pregnancy also if calcium does not get absorbed in the body sufficiently then the child can be a weak one. Research has shown that life expectancy increases by six percent if elderly women are given Vitamin D on a daily basis.

Works on the immunity

Improves immunity system The immune system of the body improves to a great extent with the help of the vitamin. It helps the killer cells of the body to fight and destroy the pathogens which keeps you healthy. Just as it activated the cells to fight the germs, once they are killed it tells the killer cells to cool down. Autoimmune disorders can result of the cells don’t calm down. Infertility can also be an after effect of that. However if you are pregnant it is best to stay away from diseases.

Stay away from breast cancer

According to study about 70 percent women who are Vitamin D deficient are likely to be affected by cancer. The killer cells are activated by Vitamin D and the process of cell death starts. In fact, breast cancer level comes down by about 30 percent if you consume Vitamin D regularly. Calcitriol present in the Vitamin can reduce the progression of the cancer cells by slowing down the rate of development.

Stay away from diabetes

The present of Vitamin D in the body is related with reducing the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Vitamin D deficiency in the body prevents the body from secreting insulin and affects glucose tolerance. As a result you can get type 1 diabetes after the age of 32.

Watch your weight

Vitamin D has long been associated with weight loss. If you have greater levels of Vitamin D at the beginning of the diet then it is likely that the weight loss will be more effective particularly the abdominal fat. People with lesser levels of the vitamin are more likely to be overweight besides finding it difficult to shed the flab. The best way to get that it back is spending some time in the sun. However it is not advisable to get a lot of Vitamin D since it is a fat-soluble one, higher dose can lead to weakness, vomiting and nausea.

Increase infertility

Vitamin D is useful in lowering in lowering progesterone and estradiol which are the main culprits for infertility. Research has shown that women who have Vitamin D deficiency are more likely to be infertile that those with high levels of it. But in order to start any kind of medication it is important to undergo tests to check the level present in the body.

Sources of Vitamin D

Sources of Vitamin D Awareness regarding the benefits of consuming the vitamin has created a hype surrounding it and hence the numerous brands promoting supplements that promise to be as effective as the original foods.

Soak the sun

The sources of Vitamin D are many the easiest being sunlight, but sitting near the window for some time will not help. You need to spend at least 20 to 25 minutes out in the sun to let the skin absorb it. But if you are older, darker or living in the higher altitudes then it is not likely to help you much.

Eat your fatty fish

A standard piece of fatty fish like salmon, trout, tuna, eel or mackerel can provide sufficient amount of the vitamin along with Omega-3 fatty acids. You can try the canned options if acquiring fresh fish like tuna or sardines are not available. It does not have any effect on the vitamin content.

Try mushrooms

Specific kinds of mushrooms grown in ultra violet rays are the perfect sources of the vitamin and are consumed by vegetarians a lot. About a cup of diced ones are enough to maintain the balance.

Milk and milk products

Cow’s milk and yogurt are rich in the Vitamin D. But ice cream and cheese are not even though they are made of milk. Soy and rice milks are also fortified with the equal amount of vitamin but you need to check the pack before consumption.

Pick an orange drink

No problem if you are not okay with drinking milk. A glass of fortified orange juice will have the same effect. But you need to check the brand before drinking.

Egg yolks are convenient

Eggs are a great way of getting Vitamin D but don’t let it be the only source of the vitamin because it also contains a lot of cholesterol which is not good for heart health.

Supplements also work

Vitamin D Supplements Many types of supplements are available in the market which can be really helpful. Cod liver oil in liquid or capsule form is a rich source of Vitamin D. But they should be taken in consultation to a doctor so that you consume it in the right proportion only. Eating healthy and in moderate portions is the best way to ensure that you consume everything because the human body needs everything.

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