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Get rid of saggy breasts using these super foods

Get rid of saggy breasts using these super foods

Get Rid Of Saggy Breasts

In every woman, over the time the breast starts to lose their elasticity and suppleness and also begin to sag. Breast sagging usually starts when the woman reaches the age of 35-40 or more, but in certain cases, women at a very young age start developing their saggy breasts. Some of the factors which will lead to saggy breasts are improper care, breastfeeding, negligence, childbirth, age, medical conditions, nutritional deficiencies, wrong sized bras, and of course gravity plays an essential role. Most of the women would go for some sort of medical treatment such as breast augmentation. But these processes are very super expensive and time-consuming. But a better idea is to try by using some of the home remedies which will really help you in getting rid of saggy breasts.

If You Think That You Have Breast Sagging Follow These Home Remedies:

1. Eat Nutritious Food:

Eat Nutritious Food Your breasts are a part of your body and thus, they need proper nutrition in order to maintain the proper health of your breasts. Thus, make sure to include few food items which are rich in vitamins, calcium, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and essential healthy fats. In order to get enough of the above all mentioned nutrients make sure to include carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, onions, cauliflower, and garlic so as to maintain the proper shape of your breasts.

2. Perform Exercises:

Perform Exercises One more thing that all can really help you in firming up your breasts is chest exercise. These exercises will help in toning out the connective tissues which are present in the breast and thus helps in preventing sagging breasts. Along with that, this chest exercise also helps in lifting up the breasts, by giving them a more lifted appearance. Some of the exercises which can really help with this problem are chest press, push ups, arms raise, dumbbell fly, etc.

3. Massage Your Breasts:

Massage Your Breasts By massaging your breast on a regular basis will also help you in firming them and reduces sagging breasts. Massage your breast for at least 15-20 minutes a day while making sure that you are following an upward motion. The repeated massage will improve your blood flow to the breasts. This would also strengthen the connective tissues while preventing your sagging and improving the shape of the breast. To start with the massage, you will need some sort of oil. Pour out some oil onto your palms and rub them together by that they are nicely warmed up. Now use your warmed up hands to massage your saggy breasts in an upward motion. Continue the massage for at least 15-20 minutes. Do make sure that your hands are warm throughout the whole massage, therefore, keep them by rubbing at regular interval.  

4. Try Ice Massage:

Try Ice Massage: This may sound a bit weird, but ice can also really help in toning up the breast area. You don’t really have to do much for this one and all you need is some ice cubes. Take few ice cubes and rub them over your saggy breast area in circular motions. You can also try the alternate way to do it. Just wrap some ice cubes in a cotton cloth and then rub it by massaging your breast. But make sure you don’t overdo it. One-two minutes massage on each breast is enough.

5. Apply Essential Oil:

 Apply Essential Oil There are many oils which are very vital in nature, such as spearmint oil, fennel seed oil, cypress oil, carrot oil, and lemongrass oil; these can really help in firming up sagging breasts. The best ways to use those oils are by adding them to the carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil and then use them for the purpose of massaging. Essential oils are very concentrated and thus should not be used on their own.

6. Use Breast Firming Mask:

Use Breast Firming Mask We use face masks for toning and tightening the facial skin the same way you can use breast firming masks to tighten your skin around the breast area. You can make these masks at home and use these masks at least once in a week to get desired results. As stated earlier sagging breasts are not an abnormality and as such getting rid of saggy breasts should be a gradual process. You can just have to follow through with one of the methods on how to get rid of saggy breasts naturally and how consistently it should be followed as stated also until you get your desired results. More essentially, your diet will work miracles for the conditioning of your breasts. If you can just eat more balanced meals which have enough fiber, drink more water, exercise regularly and massage your breasts, you will be able to keep them from breasts sagging. You just have to be very observant and conscious, if you care more for your saggy breasts, you won’t have any reason to worry about it in the future.

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