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Get rid of hypothyroidism naturally with the help of these 10 easy home remedies

The thyroid gland has a crucial role to play. From controlling the metabolic rate to regulating your body’s temperature, it impacts every single organ system. An underactive thyroid gland gives rise to a condition called hypothyroidism. Under such a condition, the gland doesn’t produce the hormone thyroxin, in sufficient measure giving rise to a wide array of symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, depression, constipation, puffy face, dry skin and forgetfulness. Hypothyroidism also causes brittleness in nails, hoarse voice and muscular cramping. You can fix the issue with the following home remedies.

Use of coconut oil : You can use the virgin coconut oil for the purpose of cooking because it stimulates metabolism, and adds a thrust to the functioning of the thyroid. The fatty acid content of the coconut oil raises the temperature of your body and thus helps deal with an underactive thyroid. Enrich milk with two spoonfuls of oil, add coconut oil to smoothies and have those for your breakfast.

Consumption of kelp : Kelp is a rich source of iodine, and so if your hypothyroidism is the result of iodine deficiency; then, you can think of consuming this brown seaweed which is also a rich source of minerals. But if yours is an autoimmune issue, then, don’t consume kelp or supplements based on the same. You can check out with your doctor if it is going to suit your condition.

Concoction made of cider vinegar : Apple vinegar is also said to improve metabolism and regulate hormone. You can make a concoction based on warm water. Mix in a bit of honey and enrich it with apple vinegar (2 tablespoons). You have to be regular about drinking this mixture.

Supplements based on fish oil : Fish oil is a rich source of fatty acids, which in turn, boost the production of thyroid hormone. Consumption of three grams of fish oil proves effective for your immune system, as well. You should consume animal-based product and legumes in sufficient quantity as under this condition increasing protein intake is a must.


Expose yourself to sunlight : That’s because it helps the production of Vitamin D. The deficiency of Vitamin D may be responsible for causing hypothyroidism. So, early in the morning if you undertake some walking and other exercises, at least for fifteen minutes, you can contribute to the cause of calcium metabolism, and keep your immune system healthy.

Take a diet rich in selenium : Selenium creates conditions that activate thyroid functioning, and so you should take a diet that has a sufficient amount of selenium. Salmon, mushrooms, onions and sunflowers seeds are the rich source of selenium.

Increase the consumption of healthy fat : Avoid taking food rich in carbohydrate; instead, focus on healthy fat to be found in coconut milk, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, salmon, and avocado. Take nuts and nut-based butter. Do remember that carbohydrate increases the estrogen level and thus adversely effects the functioning of thyroid. So, at all cost, lower the consumption of sugar. In its place, opt for healthy fats.

Consume probiotic and milk-based products : Products such as cottage cheese and yogurt contain essential micronutrients, and these, in turn, help fortify your endocrine system. So, increase the consumption of yogurt and food items based on the same.

Increase the consumption of Glutathione : The latter is a useful antioxidant. It plays an active part in strengthening your immune system. If affected by hypothyroidism, the focus should be on fortifying the immune system. Green leafy vegetable including spinach contains Glutathione. Avocado and garlic are also the rich sources of this particular antioxidant

Say no to gluten and goitrogen : Just as you need to avoid carbohydrate and sugar, similarly, you need to say no to wheat and products based on the same as wheat contains gluten. Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower contain goitrogen. You should avoid these, as well, because they interfere with the functioning of the thyroid.

You should bear these factors in your mind while planning your diet. The latter plays an important part in the application of the home remedies. But irrespective of the remedy you adopt, make it a point to check out with your physician.


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