Nail Separation & Treatment | How Fungus Causes Nail Separation?

How Fungus Can Cause Nail Separation Otherwise Known as Onycholysis

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Onycholysis or Nail separation is a common problem, which apparently come as a very much scary issue. But the good thing about the problem is it fixes by its own. In this disease, you may suffer the pain of separation of your nails from the pink nail beds of your finger or toe.

If you are getting bothered by the fungal nail separation problem on a regular basis, it will create a traumatic situation for you. In that time you need the proper medication and treatment to fight the nail infection.

Generally, fungal infection is the reason behind the problem. This fungal infection occurs due to the process of manicure or pedicure or else when you go for a dirt cleaning process from your nails. Sometimes it increases the chances of nails’ shape changing and soft tissue contour, in this condition the nails’ cannot fix as appropriate.

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Causes of Nail Separation

  • Nails Fungal infections have immediately thickened the underneath tissue of the nails’ plate and cause rim of the nails lifting.
  • The condition of skin psoriasis is the very common reason of onycholysis.
  • After an exposure of some medications like the medicines from tetracycline or fluoroquinolone groups, this problem has occurred. Sun exposure is another reason of nails lifting.
  • Iron deficiency and overactive thyroid gland are a very effective cause of nails separation.

Symptoms of Nails Separation


  • When you are suffering from the Problem of nail separation, you will find a whitish mark at the nail. It completely contrasts in color from your pinkish nails’ bed.
  • If your nails separation problem is a reason of fungal infection, you will find the thickened tissues at the underneath nail tissue.
  • Nails Separation is generally a painless issue; the pain has occurred if there a deep fungal infection or you break the nails ion a trauma unless the nails separation process occurs gradually.
  • A bacteria or virus infection may expand the space between your nails and nail plate.
  • If you nail separation is a result of a fungal infection you may find some white fungal or dead skin cells at the open space between nails and nails bed.
  • Fungal infection of the nails also causes a skin irritation, itching, and light pain.

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Nail Fungus and the Types of Nails Separation

  • Distal lateral subungual onychomycosisis the most common fungal infection of nails. The fungus normally spreads from your skin and occupies the underneath of the nails at the place where the nails bed meets to the nails. After that, an Inflammation occurs in this area.
  • Another symptom of nails separation for fungi is White superficial onychomycosis (WSO). It is another rare symptom, which is caused by the direct invading of the fungus at the nail plate surface of the nails’ plate and also infects the nails bed.

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  • The common subtype of fungal infection is proximal subungual onychomycosis (PSO). The fungus has assaulted the cuticle and the fold of the nails and then pierces the plate of the nails’.
  • In endonyx onychomycosis (EO), the fungus gets into the nails by the skin. The fungus immediately infected nails’ plate instead of nails bed.
  • If your nails’ separation causes the infection of yeast or Candida, the texture of infection is quite different from the other fungal infection. In this infection, your nails came out directly from the nails’ plate and cause the chronic mucocutaneous disease, which is involved to the fingernails or the toenails and eventually to the skin fold at the back of the cuticle. In this place, the toe or fingers meet to the nails.

Risk Factor for Fungal Infection in Nails

  • Fungal nails infection has some risk factor too like the advanced age, poor health condition, trauma, advancing age, poor health,participating ion some activities of fitness, living in some warm ambience, immunosuppression, which is occur due to HIV or by some certain drugs, using communal showers for bathing, wearing the shoe which may cover-up whole foot without any place of air passing.
  • Nails fungal infection can very contagious from one person to another. It can occur by an indirect or direct contact with the person, who is infected by the fungal infection, like using the same clothes, socks and the shoes of the affected person. The period of incubation of a fungal nails infection is just for three to six days.

Nail separation Treatment

Iron Intake

Leafy-Veggetables for nail separation

To avoid the problem of nails separation, increase your iron intake. Iron deficiency is the major reason for nails separation. So make it a habit of taking the foods, which are enriched with iron like leafy dark green vegetables, beans, sea foods, raisins and apricot, cereals, which are fortified with iron, etc.

Keep Your Nails Bed Dry

To reduce or avoid the problem always keep your nails bed dry. Wear the rubber gloves, to keep your hands away from repeated connection with water. Nails inflate after the unswerving association with moisture and then it sinks after drying and causes nails separation. So keep it dry to avoid the fungal infection.

Avoid Hard Chemical Exposure

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Too much using of harsh chemicals, like nails’ polishes and low-quality nails’ polish remover, is very much harmful on the nails. So always use high-quality products for your nails, though nails are very much sensitive and easily affected by the fungal infection. Do not use nails’ polishes and remover frequently. Direct connection with stubborn detergent or some harsh chemical cream is also very harmful to your nails.


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If you are affected by too much fungal infection on your nails, consult a doctor and go for some oral or external medicines. These medicines have some tough side effects, so always visit a dermatologist before taking the medicines because they can understand the type of your infection and can prescribe the best medicines to suit your body and nails.

Avoid Trauma

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Cut your nails at a comfy length, to avoid the trauma, which occur due to repeated use of nails regularly.

Nail separation by fungal infection is too much problematic to handle; it needs proper care and treatment. So always follow a hygienic and preventive lifestyle to avoid the problem.

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  1. Isaac says:

    Hi all my nails have fallen off. I’m not sure if it’s fungus infection or chemical effect. Doctors took my blood sample but cannot see any sign of fungus. I May send u pictures if don’t mind… Plz help

  2. Valerie North says:

    Have read your very informative instructions re nail separation. My husband suffers from this on his finger nails. Re keeping the nails dry, how should he deal with sea swimming which he does daily from April to September. Is sea water and sunshine good or bad?

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi Valerie thanks for liking my article,as far as sea water and sunshine is considered nothing is bad in limits if he is most of the time swimming in sea then it is better to wear gloves or protect the nails by covering them.

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