Food For Diarrhea - What To Eat During Diarrhea

Food For Diarrhea – What To Eat During Diarrhea

Diarrhea is generally caused when you eat something that does not suit your stomach. It can be caused by any particular ingredient in a dish. It can also be caused if any of the food items in the dish was not safe for digestion. But with the advancement of science and technology, diarrhea can be treated properly. Through proper medication, it can vanish in a few days. But it is important to follow a strict diet while you have diarrhea.

Food components that are best for ingesting during diarrhea

Not all foods are good for consumption during this time. Doctors are asked what to eat during diarrhea they recommend that bland food is best at this time as they are easy to digest.

Following are some of the foods for diarrhea that are best for ingestion.


Bananas are the best food for diarrhea. They contain a lot of fiber but are easy to digest. They also keep the stomach full for a long time. They help to supply the body with the energy it required.

Food For Diarrhea- What To Eat During Diarrhea


Oatmeal is one of the best cereal to eat during this time as it helps to keep the stomach full. Oatmeal is very good for health in general. It contains very less fat and cholesterol making it easy to digest.

Food For Diarrhea

Apple sauce

Apple sauce is another good food item for you when you have diarrhea. Though doctors ask to avoid preserved food yet apple sauce is good for the stomach. It helps to cool down the stomach. It is preferable to make some apple sauce at home since canned apple sauce contains preservatives that are bad for the stomach.

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White rice

Plain white rice is good for the stomach as it helps to bind the food contents of the stomach. But it should be taken in small qualities as it can be very heavy. But since this is easy to digest, a portion of rice once a day is a good option.

What To Eat During Diarrhea


Boiled potatoes are another good thing to have during this time thus can be included in the diarrhea diet. Boiled potatoes fill the stomach without making you feeling bloated. It is easy to digest as well. Fried or sautéed potatoes should not be consumed during this times. Boiling is the best option.

potatoes During Diarrhea

  • It is best to avoid red meat in the diet for diarrhea. White meat in the form of chicken can be consumed but devoid of the skin and fat. Baking or boiling the chicken will be the best mode of is best to avoid spices and herbs. Salt and pepper can be used as condiments. Since it is best to lay off dairy for some time, even butter should be avoided.
  • Plain toast is another good idea. But it is better not to have butter or jam on it. Toasted bread is a good way to fill the tummy without doing much damage.
  • Any form of fried biscuits or heavy cookies should be avoided. For snack, it is recommended to have plain or salted crackers which will not hurt the stomach.

Diarrhea takes out a lot of water from the body. You need to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Doctors recommend around 3 to 4 liters of water per day. Along with having normal bland food having fresh fruit juices is also a good idea. It is best to avoid packaged juices as they contain a lot of preservatives. Diarrhea is now something that can be treated easily. But you need to take care while you have it so as not to aggravate it. Proper care along with following the above chart of what to eat when you have diarrhea can help you cure it very easily.

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