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Fix Your Mood with These 16 Foods

This must be quite a good news for the foodies there that some really delicious food can make you feel better and even livelier. And the ones who don’t like having foods can now start consuming them in order to make their mood good.

You must be wondering how foods can lift our mood. Initially scientists also took it as a fact stated by an alien but now after a lot of research, even they have eventually accepted the fact. Some can help to keep you cool and calm. Some help you to give you relief from pain. Some help you to sleep and hence make you feel even fresher, later.

So, here we will discuss foods that enhance our mood.



You know that nuts and dry fruits are good for our health. But, we bet you must not have known they can also keep you in a good mood. They have got in plenty the fats that are essential to your health. That helps in improving the condition of your cells. When cells are healthy, the hormones are poured in the right quantity and even the ability for intake of particular hormones by some cells increases which improves our mood.

Atlantic salmon

atlantic salmon

You must have heard of DHA along with EPA, which are chains of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Atlantic Salmon are rich sources of these. So, it provides you entirely the essential fats, and we know it helps in absorbing hormones by the cells. This again lifts up the mood.



Not just the albumin in the white part and the protein in the yolk but it also has nutrient choline in it. Choline helps in proper functioning of the optical cell membrane. It even increases the efficiency of the neurotransmission. This keeps the mood nice and also the energy level high.

Red Meat


Although the doctors suggested you rightly, that too much of red meat is not good for health, but when you are in the late 20s, especially the women, you start feeling tired and fatigued too easily. It is then when you need red meat for iron compensation in the body. Now, don’t have it daily but three to four times a week in small quantities. That will increase the energy level in your body too and keep you refreshed.

Green Tea


If our blood glucose level is not regulated nicely, then we are not very alert, and we feel dreaded. Having green tea daily helps in controlling the glucose level and keeps your body hydrated too. This helps us to be even livelier.

Grain Bread


If our energy level is good, so will be our mood. So, we need to have grain bread less but regularly to keep the mood alright.



Too much of coffee is not good for health, but it keeps us boosted. When there is too much stress and you have to keep your brain working and not feel fatigue, have some coffee with milk. It also has a low glycemic index so you can have it without getting much worried.



It has got iodine in abundance. We need iodine for all the metabolic activities. For the perfect functioning of the optimal thyroid, you again need to consume iodine through your diet. Seaweed thus helps in giving you optimal energy required for good mood and healthy work.



All of us are in love with hot chocolate, aren’t we? It has got a high amount of cocoa. Cocoa has molecules of antioxidants in it. These are believed to have flavonoids and some phytochemicals of the phenol group which helps in keeping your mood up and avoid mood swings. It is also beneficial to health at times.



Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps in enhancing your mood. Legumes have carbs in it which can be easily digested, and it helps in regulation of this fluid and keeps the smile intact in your face.

Fruits and veggies as a whole

Ashwagandha_336X280 (13)

British Journal of Psychiatry posted it once that if there are a lot of whole foods contained in any diet, it is good for health. It helps in avoiding depression too. People having a lot of oily foods and desserts or processed meals suffer from depression even more. There are antioxidants contained in fruits and some of the vegetables which make us feel delighted. Folate is a one among the Vit-B group and is mostly found in beans, spinach and citrus vegetables affects the flow of neurotransmitters in the body. Thus, it can impact our mood.


Baked Salmon

Salmon, rainbow trout, sardines, and tuna are some fatty fish that have got omega-3 in them. Even mussels have got that in abundance. Serotonin and Dopamine are the nutrients which our body generally can’t produce, but omega-3 can help in altering these chemicals in the brain. If these fluids are less in our body, we are likely to suffer from depression or have suicidal tendencies. You may have aggressive feelings at times. Dopamine helps our body to know what pleasure is, be it while eating or having intercourse. So, having fish can also help us to be in good mood.



You have mood swings when menstrual cycle is on, don’t you? You feel depressed. Women are suggested to have saffron in small amount then. Later, it was found that it has antidepressant effects. So, you can have saffron when you are feeling low.



Every part of it is essential in some way or the other. You must have known that coconut oil is good for hair. But not just so, when you feel stressed, the odor of this oil can make all your tension go away. It can also check your heart beat rate and make you feel calm. Just the smell can check the blood pressure, too and shoo away all your anger. The smell is so pleasant that makes us even more alert.



Not just coffee, even tea can help in the production of thiamine which an amino acid is found in tea. Along with caffeine, it helps us to concentrate nicely and be focused.

Banana Almond Smoothie


It helps in fighting depression, and also we get rid of stress. And any sort of anxiety.

Now, be in a good mood by having good food.

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