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Fish Oil Omega 3 fatty acids supplement: Fats of life

When we think of “fat”, we only think that it is bad for health. But, some essential fatty acids are very much important for our body. If you do not have these essential fatty acids, then your body system will not work properly and you can get attracted to many diseases. These fatty acids are not produced naturally in the body and that is why; we have to take them through various food items. Omega 3 fatty acid is very much important in our body and it solves various problems in our body. It strengthens the cell activity and makes you strong. It also helps in the functioning of the organs. It forms cell walls and help in the circulation of the oxygen all through the body. This fatty acid works with RBCs i.e. red blood cells and ensure a more effective result. If there is a lack of this fatty acid, then one can have problems like blood clots, memory problem, no sense of vision, the heartbeat is irregular and low in the immune system. Omega 3-fatty acid includes EPA and DHA, which is mainly found in fish and in other words, it is also called marine Omega 3 fatty acid. In the Western diets, you can find Alpha-linolenic acid i.e. ALA and it is available in walnuts, flaxseed oil, vegetable oil, animal fat and flax seeds. To increase energy, the human body uses ALA. If we consider omega 3 of fish oil with flaxseed oil, than fish oil is always better. In Fish oil, there are EPA and DHA omega 3. In normal terms, it keeps our body healthy and gives all the necessary substances in our body. So, if you take fish oil omega 3 supplements, then you are getting required amount of EPA and DHA in your body which keeps you healthy and fit. Fish Oil Omega 3 fatty acids supplement

Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty acids

1. The Risk of heart disease– The supplement controls the level of triglyceride, which in another way round controls the heart problems. People should go for a regular checkup to check the triglyceride level and take the treatment on time. It will help you effectively. 2. The Cure to Rheumatoid arthritis– If you take the supplement as a dosage, then the joint pain and stiffness will reduce. This supplement will boost your energy and break the joint pain. 3. Development in children– DHA helps in the neurological development and increase the vision. 4. Depression-People suffering from depression or bipolar disorder can take this supplement as an anti-depression treatment. It will reduce the ill effect of depression and you will feel more energetic and positive in mind and body. Check on your depression symptoms and consult a doctor immediately before it’s too late. 5. Asthma– If you have a lung infection, then this is the perfect supplement for you. It controls the infection and gives you a better life. 6. Memory loss due to aging– The supplement is effective to control the memory loss and give you a healthy and normal life. It will definitely help you in a better manner and you can live a healthy life. All the above diseases can be easily controlled if you then take the supplement at the right time. You must consult a doctor and find out how much supplement you need for your body. It varies from one person to another person and you should not take a risk in your life. Inlife_Ad_336x280 (2)

Can you get omega-3 fatty acids naturally from foods?

• Lake trout • Anchovies • Sturgeon • Herring • Salmon • Sardines • Tuna • Bluefish • Mackerel The above mentioned are the different types of food items where you will get Omega 3. Now, you will be surprised to know that walnuts are rich in omega 3 and you must include them in your diet. While, flaxseed and beans are the other food items, which contain Omega 3 You must take this item and it is also considered as an important step for a healthy living. In the non-vegan area, you can have fish because it adds omega 3 in your diet. It is good for your body. Frying of the fish kills the Omega 3 and you will not get any health benefits. Non-fried fish contains more health benefits and give you good experience in the life. Choose 3 days in a week or 4 days in a week and have the fish. You can also include granola, salads, and baked potatoes to increase the level of Omega 3 and keep yourself healthy. The recipes with Omega 3 rich are available online. You can follow these recipes to get an additional benefit of the fatty acid. Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty acids

Is Omega 3 supplement safe?

Well, if you take fish oil supplement up to three grams daily, then it is safe. But, it is advisable that you should consult with your healthcare professional and then take the steps. It will give you more confidence on the intake.

Side effects of fish oil supplement if taken in excess

Fishy breath– It will leave a fishy breath, which can be bad at times. So, before you step out your house after taking the tablet clean your mouth and flush it off nicely. • Nausea– For the first time, you can feel vomiting and if you find that the vomiting is frequent, then you must stop it immediately and consult with your doctor. • Loose stools– Some of you may observe loose stools, which is very common. If it happens with you, then you can talk to your doctor and take the solution on the same. It can stay from 1 to 2 days and then your body will get adjusted with it easily. If not, then consult with a medical expert. • Stomach upset– After you intake the supplement, you can feel stomach upset. It lasts hardly for 1 to 2 days. You can also contact with a doctor for more information.

Dosage Fish oil capsules

Adults above 18 years should take 3 times 1 capsule after the intake of meals. You can follow the advice of the healthcare professional to know better. Inlife_Ad_728x90  

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