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Fat Burning Foods Aid In Gaining Sexy And Flat Belly

Are You Still Managing To Reduce Belly Fat And Indulge In Crash Diets For A Sexy Body?

We have all been there where you look at a cookie which looks like a prince you can never have. No matter how tempting it looks you stop yourself from having those sinful foods and consume low fat yogurt.

Both the food might contain the same number of calories, but there is a big difference when it comes to getting rid of that extra fat. Losing weight is not a magic but a technique of having the right amount and quality of food and the right time along with a little bit of rigorous exercise.


If you feel that even after consuming healthy diet you are not able to reduce that extra fat, then you might want to reconsider your diet chart. Here are a few Superfoods that will help you reduce your belly fat and give you a shaped and toned body without going on a crash diet.

Diet-food #1: Oatmeal


Have you ever thought why you jump upon the scrumptious breakfast to satisfy the cravings?

This is because of the reduction in the level of blood sugar. Rich in fiber, consuming oatmeal will remain in your stomach for a longer period of time and hence will help you curb on having fatty food like pastries and cookies.

If you want to eat oatmeal with a sweet taste then it is important to know that you should not consume flavored oatmeal with sugar; instead cook plain oatmeal with berries in order to get the sweet flavor.

Diet-food #2: Almonds And Other Nuts


Nuts play an important role when you want to reduce belly fat. Eating nuts will keep your stomach full and thus you will not crave for junk snacks. It is proven that people who eat nuts feel full for a longer period of time than those who consume rice cakes.

If you want to curb your cravings then you can also have almonds and not worry about increasing your calories. Don’t consume salted nuts as they tend to increase blood pressure.

Super-Food #3: Olive Oil


You need a little bit of fat in order to make yourself strong and control your cravings. However, it doesn’t mean that you will eat high-calorie food and vegetable oils.

You can consume canola oil or olive oil as they are less in fat content and helps you maintain your cholesterol level along with satisfying your hunger.

Super-Food#4: Berries


Yummy Berries! Berries are very fulfilling and satisfying as they contain lot of fiber. If you want to get rid of your cravings for hours then you should have a cup of berries that have no added sugar or preservatives.

Super-Food #5: Beans And Legumes


Legumes and beans are rich in fiber and protein which help to tone your body and get rid of that extra fat on your belly.

There are even other foods that will help you curb your cravings and get rid of the excess fat like an egg, fish, whole grains, peanut butter and many more.

Super-Food #6: Apple Cider Vinegar



Most commonly used as a home remedy for headaches, sore toes, and sinus, apple cider vinegar has a multitude of benefits for the body.

As the name suggests, apple cider vinegar is made from apples and contains malic acid  which helps in converting the sugar and fat from the food ingested into energy sources which are used by the body to function at its optimum.

With a natural ability to speed up fat loss in the body, apple cider vinegar uses the fat in the food to make energy for the body which is essential for activities like walking, running, exercising etc.

Super-food #7: Onions


Onions are a rich source of vitamin C and chromium that help in stabilizing the sugar level in the blood and boosting the metabolism of the body.

Regular use of onions in food preparations can help breakdown the fat deposits in the body by speeding up the metabolic rate. This helps in fat loss.

Super-Food #8: Tomatoes


The most commonly used vegetable of all times; tomato is actually a fatless vegetable. Containing high amounts of vitamin C and citrus malic-oxalic acids, tomatoes accelerate the metabolic rate of the body.

Consumption of tomatoes, every day also leads to the release of more water from the kidneys, which helps in flushing out large deposits of fat.

Used in any form, peeled, blanched, fried, pureed, crushed, raw or in the form of a sauce, tomatoes are the healthiest form of food to incorporate in one’s healthy diet.

Super-Food #9: Carrots


Carrots are high in carotene levels which are known to increase the metabolic rate of the body. Once in the body, carotene transforms into Vitamin A which contains antioxidant properties and helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.

Carotene also helps in eliminating fat deposits and wastes by speeding up the fat loss in the body and breaking down any stored fat in the cells.

Super-Food #10:  Cucumber14

Have you ever wondered why people who eat a lot of salads usually have a slim figure? It is because of raw consumption of vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers in the salad that aids in fat loss by making the body feel full before you can overeat.

Cucumber is high in sulphur and silicon which helps in stimulating the kidney to flush out uric acid. When the body breaks down all the substances in the food ingested, it also breaks down substances called purine.

This results in the formation of uric acid in the body as a by-product. When the uric acid is flushed from the body, it helps in speeding up the metabolic rate of the body by loosening the fat from the cells.

Cucumber helps in eliminating the uric acid through the kidney, thus aiding in the fat loss process.

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