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The Facts And Myths About Breast Cancer You Must Know

Breast cancer has become the most common type of disease with full of myths and truths due to the lack of consciousness among the people. That’s why there is some misconception associated with the breast cancer.

Therefore you must go for the mammogram screening for any kind of symptom to be sure about the true fact. In India overall one lakh women are being detected with their breast cancer at an advanced stage.

So it is the right time for the people of the all over the world to take action to prevent cancer. Don’t care for any kind if rumors around you. For instance, if anyone says that using bra may cause breast cancer but in reality, there is no scientific clue.

In addition, if you think that any kind of lumps on your breast may the cause of cancer so it will be the wrong thinking. In that case 9 out of 10 are not infectious. There are some true facts such as drinking more alcohol, obesity; and the lifestyle may increase the risk of the breast cancer.

Let’s check some of the true facts associated with the breast cancer.Facts and Myths about Breast Cancer

Myth# 1: All Breast Lumps Are The Result Of Cancer.

Most of the women worry about any kind of lumps on their breast, but it is shown that 80% of the lumps are not infectious. Those lumps are called cyst or fibrocystic. Yet people should not ignore any kind of lumps that can be cancerous and consult with the doctor.

Myth#2: Only Women Are The Victims Of Cancer.

It is a general belief that only women get affected by cancer as their anatomy. It is a true fact that the women’s breast can develop cancer at the higher level, but in recent times men also can develop this kind of cancer as well.

The signs, the symptoms, and the treatment remain same as in the case of women.

Myth#3: Only 40 Crossed Women Carry The Breast Cancer:

40 crossed women carry the breast cancer

It is true that after menopause women are affected by this disease, but this cancer can affect anyone at any age. Nowadays it is found that 20% of the women is being detected with their breast cancer who are at below 40.

So the younger women are requested to start mammographic screening when they are crossing 40. Thus the risk factor among the young women will be getting low.

Myth#4: Birth Control Pills May Be The Cause Breast Cancer.

Birth Control Pills

In the birth control pills, the quantity of hormone estrogen has been too small to develop cancer in the breast. Yet it will be safe if you choose your oral contraceptive under the guidance of a gynecologist according to your health.

Exposure to radiations is known as the risk factors of this cancer. Although the radiation released from a mammogram isn’t a matter of high risk.

Myth#5: Using Deodorant And Antiperspirants Can Cause Breast Cancer.

deodorant and Antiperspirants

There is a rumor that in the antiperspirants such chemical has been used like aluminum and parabens that can increase the breast cancer. But the American Cancer Society has proved that it is not the true fact.

Other such institute shows us that there is no relation between antiperspirants and breast cancer used by the women.

Myth#5: I Don’t Have Any Family History Of Breast Cancer.

Family history of breast cancer

If you have breast cancer in your family, then it is a matter of risk. BRCA gene is responsible for the breast cancer, and if it is found to your family members, then the women may be at risk.

But most of the times women even don’t be aware of the fact. Although it does not mean that you never develop breast cancer.

Myth#6: A Normal Mammogram Is Not Enough To Detect Breast Cancer.

mammogram and breast cancer

Mammography is the way by which you can be detected as a cancer patient; it has some limitation. Mammography can decrease the risk of breast cancer of a woman only by 16%. And if the report is normal after going through the single test is not enough.

You can develop cancer after a few years. That is why you should be very careful about yourself have to pay attention for the kind of changes in your breast.

Myth#7: Small Chest Has Lower Risk

The size and the shape of your breast do not play any role to develop the beat cancer. If it is to be true, the men never can develop breast cancer in their breast as well. Cancer depends on the breast tissues. Most dense breast tissue can develop breast cancer.

Myth#8: Only Healthy Diet Cannot Prevent Breast Cancer.

healthy diet

Only your healthy diet cannot protect you alone from developing cancer. Of course, it is necessary for good health, but you have to follow the other steps to safe from the breast cancer. It does not mean that you should keep away the healthy food habit.

In recent times people need to be more conscious and concerned about their health. They have to change their lifestyle.

Both women and men should be aware of all risk factors for the breast cancer and live a happy and healthy life after knowing the true facts.

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