Facts About Osteoporosis You Ought To Know - Things to remember

Facts About Osteoporosis You Ought To Know

Facts About Osteoporosis You Ought To Know

Do you think you know all about osteoporosis? There is a chance that some of these things you think you know about the risk of osteoporosis or the factors, may be wrong. This is a complicated disease. First thing, the doctors are still learning about it and the information is still changing. But still, there have been tremendous advances over the past several years in the treatments for osteoporosis. So yes, it is easy to get confused!

Throughout our life, our body keeps a routine to break down our old bone tissue and form new bone tissue in order to replace it. But for the millions of people who are with osteoporosis, the bone tissue forms way too slowly or breaks down too quickly, in some cases both happens at the same time. When this happens, their bones become fragile, thin, and prone to fracture.

Facts about osteoporosis You ought to know

Whether you have the condition or you care for someone who has it or else you just want to learn the best strategies in order to avoid it, you will have to know the following things about it.

It’s Not Random

Your bone usually resembles scaffolding, with vertical as well as horizontal structures which make the bone strong without a lot of bulk. But when you lose your bone density, you will lose the horizontal structures, not the vertical ones that reduce your bone strength.

First Step – Getting Ample Calcium

Getting Ample Calcium

  • As we all know, Calcium is a mineral, found in our bodies and in foods like milk and yogurt. It helps us form as well as maintain healthy bones.
  • Calcium is vital, especially amid childhood. But getting enough calcium is only a first step when it comes to the prevention of osteoporosis.
  • The other preventions include avoiding excessive smoking and alcohol as these can weaken bones. Do weight-bearing exercise like aerobics or walking with weights. Because of our bones, like muscles, grow stronger in response to resistance. So doing weight-bearing exercise for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week can help prevent the bone loss.

Early Prevention:

Osteoporosis -Early Prevention

  • Though this condition usually occurs in people who are older than 65, the causes can stretch back to childhood.
  • In fact, we form about 90 percent of our bone mass before we turn 20. The less we form, the more likely we are to develop the condition. While genes play a vital role in this process, the environmental factors also have an impact. That means that everyone ought to take steps to prevent osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Can Go Undetected For Years

Osteoporosis - Can Go Undetected For Years

  • Post prevention, the next best and fundamental thing is an early diagnosis, that can help people with osteoporosis to limit bone loss by just starting treatment ASAP.
  • It certainly requires vigilance. Many people with the disease they don’t even experience the symptoms in its early stage. So, the experts recommend regular bone density scans for women who are older than 65, whose thinner, lighter bones and decreased estrogen levels that make them more likely to develop the condition.
  • Anyone who is at high risk should also get scanned regularly. You should not wait until you get a fracture since you’re at significant risk of a 2nd fracture after your first vertebral fracture.

It Can Be Treated Effectively, But Can’t Be Cured

Can Be Treated Effectively, But Can’t Be Cured

  • People with osteoporosis take bisphosphonates, these are the medications that effectively and safely slow bone loss. It can also prevent the fractures that can cause.
  • The same strategies that may prevent osteoporosis like weight-bearing exercise, proper intake of calcium and not smoke. It can fight the condition after the appearance.

Things To Remember When You Have Osteoporosis

  • Use assistive devices, like a cane or walker, if you are unstable on your feet
  • Install the grab bars in the bathroom, use handrails on stairs
  • Use runners on slippery floors
  • Prevent slips by wearing rubber-soled shoes
  • Put non-skid pads under your rugs
  • Upgrade or add lighting in your home so you do not fall or trip in the dark

Stay as strong, you can by exercising as well as doing weight bearing exercises that are appropriate for you. Remember, 3 out of 4 women neither have discussed their bone health with health care professionals nor been screened for osteoporosis. 71% of women with osteoporosis – they don’t even know they have it. 86% with the disease are not even being treated. So, ladies and gentlemen, this is the right time to make an appointment and discuss your personal health risks for osteoporosis.

Facts about osteoporosis You ought to know

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