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Exercise – 14 whys and hows

Exercise For every time, someone would ask the other person to take a hike, and they had taken it literally, then there would be less obesity in this world. Anyway, jokes apart, there is more to exercising every day. It does not only cure back pains and help one to be more active, but it also adds to the mental health. That is exactly the reason why we have 14 points, all of which will inform you and give you a fair view of how life changing daily exercising can be!

Are You Troubled By Back Pain?

2 The most problematic area of a man’s body is the posterior side of his body. There are persisting back pains in most of the men in today’s world, because of the schedule, their sitting posture, their movements or the lack of it and the other such things which are being shoved on their shoulders, daily. To ease these sufferings, there is only one solution and that is an exercise for back pains. Now, at this point we will discuss how and why exercising will help you with your back pain. So, the muscles on the posterior part of your body are meant for movements if we try to explain it in a simplified way. So, if they are devoid of such movements, then one can suffer from severe pains in their back. So, it is said that with daily exercise you can get rid of it. The best thing to start with is stretching exercises which will soothe the pain momentarily at least, and will help in the long run. But that is not it, there is more to exercising daily, there are certain back strengthening moves which will give you enough strength if you really need it. All you have to do is persevere. ●     On the note of perseverance, the thing is, exercising is not just about doing something with a purpose and for a purpose. Although, to the certain extent, we have some kind of an agenda in the back of our brains while we start on a regime, but exercising need not be an arduous task that is hard to follow. If you really like dancing along to tunes and beats then you can simply opt for dance classes which are hardcore enough for you to shed weight if that is your goal, and also enjoy yourself. This is just a scenario and there can be ample choices available out in the market, for you. All you have to do is really want for it to happen. ●     The benefit of exercise is not just that it heals body parts and soothes the pain but it also surprisingly cleans your skin of all the toxins and the waste materials. How do you ask? It increases the circulation of the various necessary nutrients which are important for our skin and acts to detox away the impurities from the body. Thus with all the impurities washed away, the skin is left supple, healthier and definitely better! ●     To add more to it, exercising is actually a great stress buster.  The stress hormones in our body are soothed with exercising. Thus, the heart rate is reduced and the blood pressure is lowered because of the blood vessels which are relaxed. ●     With stress, the mood automatically changes, adding to the benefits of exercising. Anybody and everybody who has had ever been through a regime know well enough, how easy and fresh they feel after a good workout. Although apparently it would appear as though it will be tiring, which it although is, but after one good workout, you will feel more fresh. So, you can battle away the depression with some exercising and get more than what you wanted. ●     Neurotransmitters called serotonin are known to get a good boost when you exercise. This neurotransmitter is known to help in the exchange of information from one brain cell to another. ●     A healthy bone is all we need and we can get that with certain light exercises as well, like walking, jogging, dancing and such regular activities. They increase the bone mass and in turn keep you healthy. ●     Those struggling with a bad memory or other issues which have to do with a proper functioning brain might want to get into exercising real soon. Because of it, more blood is circulated and along with the blood, are nutrients and oxygen being circulated in the brain, all of which helps your brain to function properly. ●     And finally, of course, a good amount of exercising with increase the immunity power of your body, thus eliminating the chances of flu, cold and various such other diseases. ●     Now, that we have discussed exercise for back pain and other benefits of exercising, we will move on to some basic things like the necessity of water. With intense exercise, the body will start producing a great amount of heat and then will be accompanied by sweating. So, to compensate the water loss from your body it is important that you actually drink plenty of water. ●     Always include these three types of workout in your regime and those must start with stretching because it will help your body to warm up and thus give you the strength and the ability to take on much harder tasks, in terms of exercising. Then add endurance or what is known as conditioning exercises and also put in some of the strengthening exercises. For weight loss, cardio is the only mantra. ●     Exercising for weight loss is the common aim, of possibly every human being on this planet. So, people have spoken and spoken on what they have already known about how to exercise for your weight loss. But the only thing we can say is that you need no gym to lose weight. All you need is the determination and the rest will be history. 3 Today, there are ample number of videos available on the internet, which will help you to workout at home and that too will be enough affective. So, for most part, they will train you a certain way to reduce a certain amount of weight, and although they seem like too good to be true, but some of them are certainly affective. Many have lost kilos after kilos and thus these videos do really work!  

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