Erectile Dysfunction – An embarrassing ailment for men

7 Effective Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction treatment
Erectile Dysfunction is commonly known as impotency. Impotency is considered as a failure, weakness, loss of dignity, masculinity and wholeness, where actually it is a simple disorder which can be corrected with treatment. If you’re facing such problem, consult your physician as soon as possible. When diagnosed, don’t get emotional or feel annoyed. In my previous article, I spoke about what is erectile dysfunction, causes of erectile dysfunction and its prevention.

Medical And Non-Medical Solutions

So today I would like to bring to your notice, the medical and non-medical solutions for the problem. Men suffer from different types of erectile difficulties; in certain cases, the person may not be able to obtain an erection, whereas in some there could be difficulty in maintaining an erection. Some may be able to obtain an erection, but it may not be hard and rigid. Whereas in some cases, men might not achieve an erection at all. Only few may face this problem when they are with a new partner. Erectile Dysfunction You should not feel low or embarrassed about your situation. Instead, be practical and go for the relevant treatment which will help you correct your condition. You should not take your frustration out on your partner while dealing with this problem. Both of you must cooperate and support each other while dealing with this problem. Your partner’s help is a must for YOU! So communicate with her regarding this! For the ladies out there, unfortunately, the topic of Erectile Dysfunction is embarrassing for many, so approaching your man about his sex life and sexual health problem may not be an easy task. So if your man is facing this problem of erectile dysfunction, you must deal with them wisely. Before I talk to you about erectile dysfunction treatment, I would like to share a little piece of advice with my female audience out there.

What Are The Points To Initiate Conversation And Persuade Him Into Looking For A Solution?

  1. Discuss your feelings and let your partner know that you care.
  2. Stay positive. Don’t talk about blame. Instead, talk about what you and your partner want and need, and how to achieve it.
  3. Try alternative techniques to obtain sexual satisfaction and happy sex life. Find other ways to obtain and receive pleasure without pressuring your partner to “perform.”
  4. Focus on ways to solve the issue of erectile dysfunction rather than on how it’s affecting your relationship.
  5. Don’t be judgmental. Give your partner positive feedback, so that he’s willing to discuss his feelings.
  6. Remind him that there are many options for successful treatment of ed. If your partner does not succeed initially, encourage him to continue to visit the doctor and explore other options.
  7. Tell him, don’t despair, because there are many new therapies and home remedies that can help restore his your sexual health. No need to suffer in silence.
  8. Taking care of his overall physical and emotional health is the best thing you can do.
  9. Finally, a healthy diet can be a powerful helper in solving erectile dysfunction- If you know the cause of your problem, of course, you are at an advantage. Sometimes ED can be caused or aggravated by nutritional issues such as a potassium deficiency.

How To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be treated at any age depending on your overall health condition and what exactly is the cause of your problem.

1. Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes For some, making simple and healthy lifestyle changes like drinking less alcohol, quitting smoking, losing weight, reducing stress levels and regularly exercising may be enough to improve erectile dysfunction.

2. Psychotherapy (Counseling)

Psychotherapy This is a very common treatment for erectile dysfunction. A psychotherapy can help you understand the underlying causes for your problem and successfully help you to overcome them.

3. Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Devices (Pumps)

If you are wondering what it is, it is a penis pump. Most men who have tried and tested this device, have found satisfactory results. Studies claim about 50%-80% of men are happy with the results of these vacuum devices for erectile dysfunction.

4. Penile Implants

A penile prosthesis is another ed treatment option for men with erectile dysfunction. This treatment is usually suggested when there is a clear medical cause for Erectile Dysfunction, which is unlikely to get resolved naturally. Penile implants are either semi-rigid that is non-inflatable or inflatable cylinders that replace the corpora cavernosum (a spongy tissue) inside the penis that fills with blood causing an erection. These are surgically implanted within the erection chambers of the penis. Due to the implantation, the penis is always semi-rigid and merely needs to be adjusted into an erect position to initiate sex. Most men today, opt for a hydraulic, inflatable prosthesis, which allows them to have an erection whenever he wishes and is also much easier to conceal.

5. Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

This is known as vascular reconstructive surgery which is performed to improve the supply of blood to the penis, thereby in turn causing an erection. This surgery involves bypassing of blocked arteries by transferring an artery from an abdominal muscle to a penile artery. This results in the creation of a path to the penis that bypasses the area of blockage that is inhibiting blood flow to the penis. Experts recommend this procedure to only a small percentage of people. Hence, you must consult your doctor whether you are eligible or not to opt for this erectile dysfunction treatment. Also, this procedure is rarely performed since it is technically difficult, costly and not guaranteed to be effective.

6. Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Deficiency of the male hormone testosterone is a rare cause for ED. However, if it is the cause, then the problem of ED can be treated by testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone levels can be increased by intramuscular injections, oral tablets, testosterone gel, sticks, etc.

7. Alternative Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Nutritional Supplements. These include supplements rich in amino acid arginine, bioflavonoids, zinc, folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E. Some doctors suggests supplements like multivitamins and antioxidants, which are enriched in nutrients to reduce the problem of ED. Flaxseeds that are enriched with omega three fatty acids have also proven to be effective for ED. You must also check out the food. Here is a list of food items, which stand as the best male dysfunction treatment that can help you overcome your ed disease by using ed pills and supplements.
  1. a) So eat rabbit food: leafy vegetables like spinach and celery (because they are high in nitrates). Nitrates are vasodilators; they open up the blood vessels and increases the blood flow to the pennis which results in successful
  2. b)Dark Chocolate: Flavonoids in the dark chocolate can improve blood circulation and also repair the cell damage.
  3. c)Water Melon: The phytonutrients present in watermelon are loaded with anti-oxidants that may relax the blood vessels and increase your sex drive.
  4. d)Pistachio Nutsare rich in proteins, particularly a protein called L- arginine, which help to relax blood vessels and improve circulation.
  5. e)Lycopene Rich Foods. Lycopene and other antioxidants may also help fight male infertility.
Herbal Remedy for ED. Traditional Chinese herbs like ginseng and gingko and yohimbine are known to be good for impotency. Hope you are now well equipped with the knowledge of ed problems and treatments. Make sure you consult your health expert before you opt for any of the above-mentioned treatments.

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