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Effective Exercises for Upper Back Pain

Effective Exercises for Upper Back Pain

Strong as tree trunks, our backs hold us steady!

Our center of stability, the upper and middle back, endures tremendous strain and stress every single day. While school and college life kept most of us active and light-footed, sedentary lifestyle soon set in as we grew older. That’s when our backs silently began to experience the lack care they so fairly deserve! Our backs do so much for us- they hold us steady, endure heavy lifting and also provide amazing flexibility!

Upper Back Pain

Silently hoping for a touch of care

Middle back pain is experienced by every person at some point or the other. A sore muscle hither, an aching joint thither… These cries for assistance often go unfulfilled. Oh how often we neglect middle back pain, perhaps only to take serious contemplation when our daily schedule gets thwarted!

Be it from too much of negligence, an old injury, bad posture or incorrect furniture, our backs deserve some down time to recuperate from all the maneuvering they do all the time. Pain in middle of back pain can later become very difficult to manage and cure. Exercises need not be boring, though, and there is a sure chance that even as you are reading this article, you have subconsciously adopted a proper posture. Or you did it just now. Guilty as charged, my good Sir!

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Stretch, bend, wiggle and sway.

The upper back is essentially our fundamental frame that needs some good servicing on a regular basis from all the work it does. The thoracic vertebrae (upper and middle back) provide stability and create a safe grid to hold our delicate organs. Any kind of exercise for mid back pain is easy to do and simple in carrying out.

The Butterfly.

  1. Gracefully fulfilling, this exercise is easy to do, and the stretching motion really opens up the sore, constricted muscle bands. Start with your elbows bent such that your palms touch your shoulders. Bring your elbows in front of you and hold it for three breaths, then return to starting position. Repeat for three sets, each of which is of 10 to 15 repetitions of the butterfly exercise.

Exercises for Upper Back PainThe Yoga Shoulder Stretch

This will require a thin towel, a resistance band, or any kind of strap that you feel comfortable to hold. Hold the strap in front of you, inhale as you raise your arms to your head, and then exhale as you continue moving your arms towards the back. However, do not go beyond the position that starts to feel painful. Repeat for ten times.

The Yoga Shoulder StretchMid-trap Exercise

This also involves stretching, and you start by lying face down on a stable surface. You may place a folded towel or pillow under your chest for added comfort and balance. With your arms stretched outwards, elbows straight, and thumbs pointing to the ceiling raise your arms so that your shoulder blades squeeze in; after that, slowly return arms to starting position. Repeat 15 times.

Mid-trap Exercise

The Thoracic Stretch

This is a two-step exercise for mid back pain and requires certain extent of flexibility. Start with a sitting position on the floor, with your legs straightened in front of you and feet pointing upwards. Now place your palms on the middle region of your thighs and slowly coil inwards, towards your stomach and hold position for 15 seconds. Continue to the second part by pointing your right elbow and shoulder forwards and twisting on the left side. Remain in this position for 15 seconds. Repeat on the opposite side, aiming to keep the twisted position towards the right side this time. Carry out each side-twist three times.

The Thoracic Stretch

The Back Arch

A simple exercise that involves lying on your stomach, then lifting your shoulders and holding it for 10 seconds. Relax, return to starting position and repeat. This exercise for mid back pain is perhaps the best to start off with if you haven’t ever tried any exercise for mid back pain before.

The Back Arch

Twist and stretch with a rod

Take a light yet sturdy rod, and hold it at each end. Place the rod comfortably behind your neck and then rotate your torso, on both sides. Go as far as you can stretch but do not overdo it. This exercise for mid back pain is comparatively less strenuous than other stretch exercises.

The Shoulder Brace

Clasp your hands behind you, then gently make a backwards concave curve- ease into the position by slowly swinging your hands towards the back while tilting your head backwards.

Knees-to-elbows back arch

Get down on fours, but instead of hands, support yourself on your elbows. As you inhale, hunch your back akin to a cat, and then arch your back outwards as you exhale completely. For a similar exercise for the lower back, switch your front support to hands instead of elbows and follow the same steps.

The Seal

Lie face down and raise yourself up using your waist to initiate the lift. In this position, rotate or twist your upper body from side to side. You should experience a taut feeling in your back.

The Seal

Words of advice

While it is healthy to practice regular work outs, be sure to consult your doctor before you attempt any of these exercises. There is always a chance for error even if you may know the positions by heart, and unnecessary stretching or twisting can cause tissue injury which may have long term repercussions.

Your Inner Athlete

We regret reminding you that with adulthood, leisure time and sporty activities tend to take a back seat as you go about with your responsibilities in making the world a better place. But inside every industrious individual, lies the dormant spirit of a fleet-footed gazelle who wants nothing more than to be light, strong and free from aches and tears.

Instead of throwing out your back, tackle your stress triggers and swap them for productive projects. In the long run, it all comes down to have good health than all the diamonds in the world. So go out today, make time for yourself and do something your back will thank you for!

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