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Easy steps to get rid of pimples

Almost everyone, at some point or the other in their lives, comes across the problem of pimples. Pimples bother people not because they are a temporary problem but can have long term effects like scars or dark marks. Get rid of pimples Treating pimples is one of the easiest things in the world. The reason behind this is that the average household has enough stuff that can be mixed and mashed up to treat them. But obviously, you need to know what will be mixed and in what proportion. Also, there may be treatments where you do not need to do anything fancy. A few items here and there lying around the house are going to be just enough to treat pimples.

Pimples may be because of a variety of factors:

1) Unclear bowels and stomach 2) Hormonal imbalances 3) Bad diet 4) Bad skin care routine 5) Neglect Irrespective of the causes, pimples, unlike other skin related issues, can be addressed without having to look into the root cause of it. Usually, dermatologists try to assess a situation based now what is causing it. With regard to pimples, the symptom can be treated and worrying too much about the cause isn’t all that necessary. You may or may not choose to look into the underlying causes, but overall, it isn’t much cause for concern. Nonetheless, the following may work as a way to treat pimples depending on the stage at which they have been noticed or intercepted.

1) Ice:

Ice Ice is by far the most effective way to treat pimples. It is simple as well as holistic. You need to sit down in the house, take an ice cube and rub it on the head of the pimple over and over again. Apart from the pimple treatment, you will see that your face by itself will feel a sort of relaxation. So, it is evident from the beginning itself that irrespective of the pimple criteria, ice, rubbed gently on the face has healing effects. It cools the epidermis of the skin.

2) Green tea:

Green Tea With all sorts of food surveys determining the various super foods to be consumed, the leading trend these days is to maximise on the consumption of anti-oxidants. They are an absolute necessity for the body to be able to function at an optimum. It is in this regard that green tea has been considered the super food that can heal. Even though it does not target a particular pimple area directly, it addresses the underlying root cause as to what may be leading to the pimple in the first case.

3) Lemon:

Lemon Whenever a pimple occurs, it is because the skin in that area is facing a deficiency of some nutrient or protein. In this regard, it is vitamin C. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and can easily take care of pimples. It can be applied in the juice form or turned into a paste and then applied on the body. As long as the Vitamin C reaches the intended area, pimples will be gone in absolutely no time at all.

4) Toothpaste:

Toothpaste There are some other unconventional methods too that have been meant to be able to tackle pimples. Pimples are usually a red swelling on the face that can be a tad bit embarrassing. People usually don’t spare too much thought if they are staying indoors. If they are to step outside, it is as if the pimple has assumed catastrophic proportions. Irrespective of the socio implications, it has to be dealt with and removed at the earliest. Perhaps the most innovative and unconventional tool that has been put into use is toothpaste. Toothpaste has this uncanny habit of being extra cool and bringing a soothing and relaxed sensation, pimple or no pimple. Apply it to a pimple and watch it fade away into oblivion like it wasn’t even there. In fact, a lot of people are traumatised by the after effects of pimples where scars and marks remain. Toothpaste will ensure that it does not leave any scars or unhealthy marks.

5) Mouthwash:

Mouthwashes are usually very good cooling agents and are capable of reducing pimples and their after effects within one or two days of application. Soak a cotton ball with a minty mouthwash and dab the affected area with it before going off to sleep. The cooling agents will reduce the redness and help treat pimples in a gentler more effective way..

6) Garlic:

Garlic Eating garlic in the morning is another way treating pimples. The reason behind this is it can act as an antifungal as well as the antiseptic tool. It can be just rubbed on the skin, and then washed off after ten to fifteen minutes with just a little bit of lukewarm water.

7) Steam:

Steaming Taking steam is extremely helpful when it comes to removing pimples from the face. People usually fear that taking steam is going to need some hi-fi equipment in order to generate a room from where steam doesn’t leak. All that can be averted by simply using a few home techniques. Take a bucket of hot water and fill it till two-thirds. Put your head into the bucket so that you can feel the steam. Then, cover your head with a towel so that it covers the mouth of the bucket as well. That way, the steam does not get to exit the bucket and you ensure maximum exposure to your face. Apart from these treatment methods, there are also some methods that are more preventive in nature. They also try to treat the underlying causes. The most crucial element when it comes to taking care of the skin is to mind what you eat. As per the saying, ‘ you are what you eat’, it is necessary to control those hunger buds.That way, your liver and intestines secrete less harmful substances. Healthy diet Also, a healthy diet will ensure that your bowels clear up completely in the morning. Irregular and incomplete bowel movements are supposed to be one of the leading causes of not only pimples, but also many other skin related issues. Beginning to take care of your health is going to be the first step that you can take in order to prevent skin problems like pimples. Remedial measures are also not too far away while having them fixed and it can be as simple as a cube of ice or toothpaste ~ things that you find lying around the house anyway.  
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