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Do’s and Don’ts for Naturally Beautiful Skin

Natural beautiful skin is something everyone craves for. That glow in the face, the shine when your skin is flawless is worth everything. You don’t always want to hide your real face by makeup, do you? Be it going out to parties and having fun or be it going to college, everyone will love to see a face which is natural and not under layers of foundation. But, it isn’t that easy. Pimples, oil, acne and the sun, everyone tends to be a problem to get a perfect skin. So, here we will discuss some tips that will let you know how to get natural beautiful skin that glows like a diamond:

Do’s for the skin!

Let your skin breathe as much you can

Can you live without breathing? Then, why do you expect your skin to be lively and glowing when it is not breathing. To all the ladies there, who want makeup all the day when they are outside, please DO remove the makeup once you are back to home. There are tiny microscopic pores in your skin which want to breathe overnight. The makeup that is on your face, clogs them, and that causes blackheads. You can use a makeup remover, or you can just apply olive oil on some cotton and use it for removing dirt from the face.


Apply sunscreen

Your skin is gentle and soft. Exposure to sun rays can increase the risk of wrinkles where you can’t manage a good skin. You may also get age spots earlier. You may also notice if, without protection, you are out in the sun, you see some skin problems. So you need to apply sunscreen before going out. If possible use a sunscreen facial wash before and then apply it for best results. Make sure it is more than SPF 15. If you feel that you need not take it when it is cloudy. Icy surfaces or beach have very reflective surfaces so then increase your SPF.


Veggies and food habits

In order to convert an oily face into a good skin, you need to have fresh and green vegetables in your diet. You need to include fruits in your diet too. They have a lot of vitamins and some essential proteins that are needed for the skin to glow. You must know that Vitamin C is most useful for skin, and it really makes your skin radiant. You need to have food that has low levels of fat. Have omega 3 fatty acids. Fish and walnuts have them in plenty. Also, fibers help in keeping your stomach clean, so have nuts. They keep the skin healthy.



You need to do this regularly and at least once a week for sure. If your skin is oily, go for the chemical ones, for example, salicylic acid or glycolic acid. If your skin is normal or a bit sensitive, then choose the microdermabrasion formula for getting the best and beneficial exfoliation. It has little beads in it that help in scrubbing your skin. For doing that naturally, you can just use yogurt mixed with a paste of almond.


Water for life and skin

You should know that your skin needs to be well hydrated always. It has to come from within and not without. You can have fruits that have a lot of water in it. You can also cover your eyes with cucumber because it cools it down and comforts you. So, consume it at proper times.



Before you go for any DIY facial, please check which one is really needed for your skin. Going regularly for a facial in parlors are not very good but at times, the massage helps for better blood circulation. Go for normal and basic ones at the beginning. Go to the spa which is recommended to you by the dermatologist.



You need to exercise regularly. Blood circulation is needed for getting a clear skin. When you go for jogging or walking, you get an excess glow in the skin.


Sleep tight!

You need to give have almost 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep. You need to give your skin some rest else it will get as tired of you. You may apply honey before you sleep for two days in a week or so. They give a shine to your skin and heal it.


Don’ts for the skin.

Now that we have seen how to get flawless skin naturally let us see what are the things we need to prevent to get beautiful glowing skin.

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Don’t go for spicy foods

Too much oil, spices, junk and fermented foods are not good for health. Don’t take too much salty food either. Dried foods with not water in it also not too good for health. Having foods that are not hygienic can actually bring a pimple to your skin. So, don’t cry later!


No skipping of skin care!

Before and after you come from work you need a toner so that there are not many formations of oil. You can later use a scrub and exfoliate it. Before that, you need to apply some olive oil to keep it moisturized.

skin care

Don’t pop the pimples

You don’t want a permanent spot on your skin, right? You shouldn’t prick them because there can be swelling there. It will turn reddish and at times the scar remains.  If you see a pimple now, just clean it with rose water. If you keep a bag of green tea on it for some minutes, then you will soon see it disappear.


Don’t go for smoking or too much caffeine or alcohol

The more you smoke, the quicker does your skin gets old. The nicotine which we take in while we are smoking narrows the blood vessels and thus the flow of oxygen to every part of the skin gets restricted. Even alcohol and coffee make your skin dull.


Don’t let your skin be dry.

If your skin is getting too much dry, then put some olive oil to it. If your skin becomes rough, there will be no shine in it.

Don’t use too much of chemical products.

Be natural. Using too much of chemical products are never good for your skin health. Don’t wear too much of makeup especially foundation.

Don’t wash your face too much.

Using too much of facial wash to clean your face each time is not healthy. Use it twice after you are back from work.

face wash

 Now, you can have flawless skin that will definitely woo others and make you the cynosure of any party with your glowing looks!

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