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Ditch Sugar and Add Erythritol to Your Food

Ditch Sugar and Add Erythritol to Your Food

Are you a sweet lover? Do you consume the extensive amount of sweet on a daily basis? Do you know that sugar causes multiple types of harm on your health?

Yes, it is the time to ditch the sugar to keep your body fit and healthy. Add some substitute substance of sugar such as Erythritol, which has enough nutritional benefits for human beings health. Here in this article, we discussed why sugar should be ditched and why Erythritol should be added in the diet. Just take a look below:

Reason to Ditch Sugar


Sugar causes multiple bad results on your health. Its negative impact produces harm almost all the organs and body parts. Here below the harmful results of sugar are described:

  • Sugar enhances the chance of diabetes and many other diseases related to insulin hormone. A Huge amount of sugar-consuming means you are consuming a huge amount of glucose. After a certain level, the amount of excessive glucose becomes highly toxic. An excess amount of sugar resists the activity of insulin by inhibiting its production.
  • Sugar enhances the fat in your liver. Sugar contains a huge amount of fructose and glucose. Generally, in our body fructose does not require for any physiological activity and that is why it accumulates in your liver and creates fatty liver as it is only metabolized by the liver.
  • Sugar is absolutely bad for teeth as it has no nutritional benefits. Sugar provides the food supplements which are good for the growth of the bad bacteria inside the mouth. These bacteria cause damages of teeth.
  • Sugar enhances the chances of aging by degenerate the collagen protein from the cells faster.
  • Sugar enhances body weight extensively and sometimes the result becomes absolutely severe as it results in obesity.

Know About Erythritol


Erythritol is a natural sugar substance which is also known as sugar alcohol. This natural sugar component is almost 60 to 80% sweet as per the comparison with normal sugar or sucrose. It is absolutely harmless and also found to some extent in human body fluids and tissues. You can eat a moderate amount of Erythritol instead of sucrose or normal sugar.

Food Items Contain Erythritol

Erythritol mainly presents in many natural food items such as fruits and vegetables. Fruits like grapes, watermelon and pear are having an extensive amount of Erythritol. Some other food items such as sake, wine, and soy sauce also contain Erythritol in an extensive amount.

Difference between Sugar Alcohol and Artificial Sweetener

Make sure that sugar alcohol and sweetener is completely different food substances. You suppose not to mingle both of them as both are completely different products. The nutritional benefits of Erythritol are much more than the artificial sweetener. Artificial sweeteners are crafted by mechanical process whereas sugar alcohol presence in natural food substances. The synthetic sweeteners cause harm whereas sugar alcohol does not create any harm to your health.

Some Must Know Attributes of Erythritol


Erythritol is highly different and much more advantageous than the normal sugar or sucrose, as well as the artificial sweeteners. Check below the special trait of this natural sugar alcohol:

  • Erythritol is made by the fermentation of natural sugar. The natural sugar is present in the natural components such as corn.
  • Non-glycemic nature is another interesting benefit of Erythritol among all the other nutritional benefits. Erythritol never elevates the level of sugar in the blood stream. So, the blood sugar level stays in an appropriate amount in the bloodstream.
  • Erythritol contains an extensive amount of antioxidants which helps in reducing the aging process and also fights with multiple free radicals.
  • Erythritol is absorbed by the body efficiently and also it excretes from the body remaining the same form.
  • One of the most important traits of Erythritol is that it does not contain any carcinogenic substances. So, like Xylitol, Erythritol also cannot produce any harm related to any types of carcinoma.
  • Normal sugar is high-caloric whereas the sweeteners are low-caloric yet provide different results in different individuals but the Erythritol is absolute zero-caloric and gives the authentic result in all the cases.

So, the nutritional benefits of Erythritol are now clear to you. Enjoy the food items by making them sweet add sweetness in your life by keeping yourself healthy and active.

4 thoughts on “Ditch Sugar and Add Erythritol to Your Food

  1. Madhu Rao says:

    1 kg. of Erythritol costs Rs. 800 on amazon as against Rs. 120 for 1 kg. of organic sugar. Given the huge price difference, I doubt many people will ditch sugar and buy erythritol despite the health benefits. It will be the other way round for sure, because there is a line that we can draw for spending on health.

    • \Mukta Agrawal says:

      Dear Madhu there are all types of people, some people never draw any line to health and hence it is always better to create awareness about good things but there is no force for anyone to buy the same.You are very right in saying there is a huge difference but same difference you will see in many things for example a Tshirt you can get in Rs 150 and Branded will be rupees 2000 but still some people are obsessed and buy branded only.But I am glad at least you took a step to raise your concern

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