Dietitians - Need of the Hour - read more to know...

Dietitians – Need of the Hour

Dietitians - Need of the Hour
On the occasion of Indian Dietetics Day 10th Jan, I am happy to share with you why a dietitian is required in today’s Scenario. We all have a plethora of doubt when it comes to weight loss, diet and cutting out the carbs. There is a hoax among people nowadays that you can visit a dietitian only when you planned to consume healthy food and you need guidance regarding that! No, It is absolutely wrong!! They are much more than that! They can guide you in each and every stage of your life. In fact, it is really important for you to visit them when you need guidance for issues such as:

Diet for Disease

Diet for Disease It doesn’t matter if have diabetes, or high blood pressure or cardiovascular issues. A dietitian from your health-care team will certainly guide by helping you safely change your diet plan even without compromising nutrition or taste.

Digestion issues

Digestion issues A qualified dietitian will be working with your physician in order to help fine-tune your diet. So that, you won’t aggravate your condition with fried foods or carbonation or too much caffeine.

Gastric bypass surgery

Gastric bypass surgery Your stomach can only manage small servings. So it is a challenge to you get the right amount of nutrients in your body. A dietitian will work with you as well as your physician to develop a diet plan according to your new needs.


Pregnancy Yes, a dietitian can help you amid pregnancy plan for your pregnancy nutritional needs. A qualified dietitian can help ensure that you are getting the right nutrients such as folate, during the first three months of pregnancy. This will lower your newborn’s risk for spinal cord defects or neural tube defects.


Breastfeeding and diet A dietitian can help make sure that you are getting enough vitamin D, iron, fluoride as well as B vitamins for you and your infant.

Weight Management

Weight Management and dietitian A qualified dietitian can suggest the additional calorie sources if you need a healthy weight gain. He/she can also help you to get a restricted-calorie eating plan and regular physical activity for weight loss even while still eating all your favorite yummy foods.

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders If your teen has issues with food and eating healthfully, a dietitian can help with eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia as well as overweight issues.

Diet for The Senior citizen

Dietitian can help you with food and drug interaction, special diets for hypertension, proper hydration, and changing taste buds as you age.

To make smart food choice

Dietitians can help you sort through the misinformation; learn how to read the labels at the supermarket; learn how to eat out without ruining your eating plan, discover that healthy cooking is inexpensive, make smart food choice and how to resist your workplace temptations.

Diet for Athlete

If you want to improve your performance in sports, you certainly can seek help from a registered dietitian. He/she can help you to set goals when you desire to achieve great results. No matter if you are running a marathon, jogging or skiing with your dog.

Myths and Facts about Dietitians:

Myth 1: Dietitians are the “Food Police” Most of the people think that Dietitians are the one who will be following your food chart, make you starve and catch you when you have a cheat diet. Fact: No, that is absolutely wrong! They would like everyone to eat a healthy diet, but they also know that people aren’t perfect all the time and that is perfectly fine with them! You can exhale once in awhile and they might suggest you the exercises to keep yourself back on track!Dietitian will try and incorporate healthy alternatives in your diet and which will make you feel fuller than before. Myth 2: Dietitians are only required for Weight Management  People have a myth that dietitian are only required for people who are overweight and need to loose some weight Fact: Wrong, again! Dietitian is trained and qualified person who teaches you the difference between nutritional food and empty-calorie foods.They are required by each and every individual in today’s scenario may it be overweight, underweight, diabetic, cancer patient, the person on radiation, hair problems or skin problems. Myth 3: Dietitians are not the one to share your Blood reports You might think that when my doctor has seen my blood reports why I should show it to the dietitian, she will never require any medical reports or even will not require any history of the mine and can just give me a diet chart. Fact- Dietitian can only plan a diet when they have a proper history of their clients, may it be medical reports, medical history, family history and other parameters like age, height weight etc Until and unless dietitian gets a proper history it is very very difficult for her to plan a customized diet plan.Hence next time you ask for a diet chart please provide your complete details.

What are the benefits of visiting Dietitians?

There are plenty of benefits when you consult a Dietitian such as: Diet and dietitian
  • You will get your desired health.
  • You will get the expected professional guidance
  • You will know the root cause of your food allergy/sensitivity and eat accordingly
  • You will know what to eat to increase your energy levels
  • You will get the right food plan that can ease you from chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, MS, or respiratory diseases etc.
  • You will increase the longevity and quality of your life
  • You can improve your lifestyle which is the root of any heath related issue
  • You will get a friend who can motivate you to achieve your health goal
Take it with a pinch of salt but its true, We have to face it, most of us have a lot on our plates. But when it comes to the demands of work, family, and friends, it can be truly difficult to find the time to eat right and make sure to choose the best foods to fuel our daily tasks. As a result, today more than ever, we need dietitians to help us navigate the ins and outs of nutritious eating as well as adopting a healthier lifestyle. Isn’t that right?

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