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Depression. Do You Know The Symptoms?

What is depression?

A feeling of being dejected. It is a common disorder in your mood, and you feel empty, hopeless. You are pessimistic. You see no good. You feel guilty; you see no interest in anything. You feel weak.

There are many other symptoms, and we will see it later. But, what we all should know is, depression doesn’t mean you are going to be mad. It is just a period which will pass away. You need to talk to people, consult a psychologist and tell her. Proper consultation and help will bring you out from depression. There can be days when you don’t feel like doing anything, and you just cry. But then, to get out from such days, you need to face it. You need to tell your parents. Don’t be ashamed and don’t do anything wrong. There are many who commits suicide and go in the wrong way. Don’t do that.

So now let’s see what actually some symptoms of this disease are.

1) Hopeless and helpless is what you feel

If you feel this way, most of the times, you can be in a depression. You feel there is nothing that can improve now. You become pessimistic. You can’t stop thinking bad, how much ever you want. Negative things keep prevailing in your mind.

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2) No interest in most of the things

When you feel you have lost your interest in things which you loved once, you are into depression. You neither feel like hanging out with your besties nor do you like to have some quality family time. You just like to be alone, sit in the corner of the room and you see darkness all around you. All the activities that used to overwhelm you before, nowadays you don’t even do it. You seem to lose your own charm. You feel void. You find no pleasure in anything, and you are not happy at all.


3) Change in appetite and sleep

You don’t sleep at nights nowadays. You are having insomnia. You don’t feel hungry at all, and so you tend to lose noticeable weight. And at times, you feel very hungry always, so you have a gain in your weight. At times, you want to sleep the entire day which is hypersomnia. Either is not good at all.

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4) Angry

You have your anger at the tip of your nose now and then. You don’t speak nicely to anyone, and you seem to get irritated at every other thing. You get violent, and you feel restless. You can’t tolerate things, and you become short tempered. You feel every other thing around you is just getting on your nerves.


5) Lethargic feeling

You feel lazy all the day long. You feel sluggish and drained out after the entire day. Your body feels overloaded. Even the things that you could do easily before now exhausts you, and you take a longer time to finish it up.

6) Worthless feeling and doing wrong things

You hold yourself guilty for anything wrong that happens. You keep on criticizing yourself, and you feel you are worthless. You do things which you shouldn’t like drinking or substance abuse. You go for gambling and recklessly driving a car. Sports which you could you, you tend to go for them. You take no care of yourself, nor you love your life and feel responsible towards it because you feel you are worthless, and you can’t actually do anything.

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7) No concentration

You can’t concentrate on anything. You feel reckless, and you can’t focus on anything specially. You feel you can’t take the right decision, and you can’t remember facts. It is because you can’t concentrate while doing something, you forget it so easily.

8) Physiological problems

You have headaches and even your back pains at times. Muscular cramps and it aches to move. Stomachache is also frequent. You can’t explain why it is paining because you have not done anything out of the routine which could harm your health.

9) Suicidal thoughts

You feel there is no reason why you are living. You want to end your life. You do things to harm yourself. You surf how you can go with suicide.


Living with depression is not a very task. But, then we do understand, and so we have bought up some tips, too.

1) You need to understand the depression

How to work on something unless you recognize what it is. When you see some of the symptoms are matching your condition well, you know you are suffering from depression. You have forgotten to enjoy for almost weeks.

2) 911

Save this number. Whenever you feel like you want to end up with your life, you need to call in this number. They will help you through it. Death is never a solution. It is escaping the situation. Your life is precious, and you can’t deny it. And you should remember, you are here to live.

3) Ask for help from close ones

Depression can really bring you down. You stop doing things which you used to do routine-wise. You feel like abandoning yourself. But no. What you should do is, talk to your parents about it. It is not madness, and you have nothing to feel ashamed about it. It is just a phase, and you will get out of it too. Don’t you want to live your life back again and be the happy-go-person you were before? You need to consult psychologists for that. Many feel ashamed of doing that. But he is another general doctor taking care of you to get you back well again. Is just physical weakness a disease? Even being mentally a bit disturbed is an illness. So, why can’t you be free about it and consult a doctor for that too?

Psychiatrists with the help of psychotherapy will help you out of it. They will talk with you and ask you about the problems you are facing. You should take proper medication and get out of it. It is not weakness to seek help. But in today’s world talking about this thing and making people aware that it is just another disease that needs to be treated shows how strong as a person you are.

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