Fathers Play a Key Role in Child Health Development

Does Dad’s Play A Role In Kid’s Health And Weight

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Education has spread its wings far and wide. As the literacy rate all over the world has increased, most individuals want to acquire higher and higher education and the best qualification they can achieve. Almost every individual strives to be independent financially including woman.

So keeping career as a priority, increasing smartness and growing trend to make your decisions, has resulted in people getting married in late 20’s or 30’s. This too has its advantages than younger marriages.

Statistics has also support claiming that younger marriage divorce rates are higher as compared to late marriages. But, at the same time, late marriages also, may mean experiencing your parenthood at a much later age.

You may become a father of your child at 35-40 or may be 50. This will also have an effect on the health of the newborn, how healthy the pregnancy phase might be if you conceive late and how healthy will your baby be born. Pregnancy after 30 years may also pose a risk of breast cancer in women. This effects the kids weight loss.

Let’s see what science has to say regarding this. Researchers have studied how Dad’s age plays a role in kid’s health and weight. Healthy eating for children is a must.

Researches claim that kids born to fathers older than 35 have a lower body mass index than those born to dads 30 and under. Although low density lipoprotein concentrations in those born to dads over 35 were 21 percent higher than those born to dads 30 and under.

So check how a dad’s age can play a role in Kid’s Health and Weight? Let’s look at how natural weight loss and easy weight loss are connected to the weight loss of men.

Height and weight break downs

According to the research, kids born to dads over age 31 were 2 centimeters taller and has more BMI than those born to fathers of ages 30 and under. Med page today, state a note that slimmer children who were born to older fathers will be at a lower risk for obesity in adulthood. Child weight loss then becomes a common factor. Also, there are many kids health tips to be kept in mind.

Cholesterol problems

Though your junior may be taller and smarter, he might have some cholesterol problems. You already know that, cholesterol is of two types good -HDL and bad- LDL. Besides, it also contains triglycerides and lipoprotein.

According to American Heart Association, too much LDL form a plaque and blocks the walls of the arteries causing the heart attack. Opposite to LDL, HDL protects against heart attack. This is common in both adults and infants. The levels of HDL and LDL in infants depend on the age of the father.

21 percent higher concentration of LDL is there in infants born to 35 years plus father.

Not only LDL, total cholesterol is also higher in juniors whose father’s age is more than 30. So, there are more risks of kid’s health problems.

Insulin sensitivity comparatively is much better in babies, who are born to father’s 30 and under, than 35 plus age.

There is no clear-cut mechanism for lipid profiles in babies, but increasing age can change the sperm genes that decide the growth and metabolism in your junior.

Conditions That Can Be Linked TO Dads Age (h4)

The following conditions related to the kid’s health and weight many also be linked the age of the dad:

  1. Achondroplasia or dwarfism. Achondroplasia means restricted growth. The kid grows only till a particular height and then the growth stops even before maturity for the rest of his life. Hence, the kid remains very short like a dwarf all his life. Well, achondroplasia is very rare. It affects about one in 10,000 births. So, as a couple, it’s highly unlikely that your child would be affected by achondroplasia.
  2. Down’s syndrome is a genetic condition that causes learning difficulties and some health problems. Kids for health are less inclined.
  3. Schizophrenia- it’s a complicated condition. In short it is a long term mental health problem.
  4. Autism:  Recent researches have shown that a father’s age and also a mother’s weight can affect their child’s risk of developing autism. The studies have shown that as a man’s age increases, so does his chance of having a child with autism. Compared to men under 30 years old, those over 50 have twice the risk of having an autistic child. The risk increases to four times for men over 55.

But, not all experts agree about the link between the dad’s age and the kid’s health and weight, however. It’s also possible that several other than the dad’s age like nutrients during pregnancy, conceiving naturally or through medical treatments, etc., can have an effect on the kid’s health and weight.

But, it is always best do things timely. As career and work are important so is marriage and having a family is. Like other deadlines have to be met on time, so is marriage and having a kid or kids.

So, now tell me, do you prefer marrying in your 30′s?

You can freely ask any queries or write in your suggestions in the comments section below.

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