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Cope up the depression post abortion, heal yourself

Cope Up The depression Post Abortion, Heal Yourself

Depression Post Abortion, Heal Yourself

Deciding to have an abortion is more difficult for some women while others can find it a very clear and also obvious choice for their specific situation. Yet, it is difficult to predict just how a woman can react to an abortion.

Even if she initially felt secure in her choice, she can still experience the feelings of depression after an abortion. A smaller number of women will ultimately experience clinical depression, although, within the medical community, abortion is not generally considered a cause of depression. However, this is a debated aspect of both an abortion and a depression.

Depression After Abortion

Depression After Abortion

It is a quite natural reaction to feel unpleasant about the decision to have an abortion. You can also feel a sense of relief in your every situation. An abortion is a major life changing the decision which can affect you for a very long time. This is why it helps to know what you might feel after the procedure.

Symptoms of Depression After Abortion

The symptoms of depression after an abortion are very closer to “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome” rather than an actual depression. The event was a traumatic so along with the depression there may also be anxiety type symptoms at certain times.

The symptoms include these:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Deepening depression near the anniversary date of the abortion, during and just after
  • Sadness when seeing a baby
  • Nightmares or even happy dreams about the baby
  • Jealous feelings towards pregnant friends and family
  • Wanting to get pregnant again to “replace” the baby
  • Strong flashback and memories of the abortion
  • Medical anxiety when you visit a doctor’s office or hospital
  • Sadness near the baby’s projected due date
  • Anxiety when hearing a baby cry
  • Avoidance of the emotions associated with the abortion
  • Anger at yourself or partner
  • Guilt, shame, and isolation
  • Eating disorders or altered body image disorders
  • Heightened a startle reflex at appliances which can make the same noise as the abortion unit i.e. blenders and vacuums
  • Before and after the abortion, you may find yourself looking at pictures of fetuses at certain stages
  • Trouble connecting to other children
  • Fear that something will go wrong in a planned subsequent pregnancy
  • Problems with relationships

Sexual dysfunction

There can be the number of other symptoms by depending on how you process the abortion. Remember that you had a pregnancy with all the associated hormonal changes to your body that any other pregnant woman would experience. After the abortion, there will be more hormonal changes which can take place so some depressed feelings could be associated with hormones. This usually does not last long, so if you experience any of the symptoms longer than just a few weeks, you may also have “clinical depression” after abortion.

Cope Up The depression Post Abortion, Heal Yourself

Causes Of Depression After Abortion

Depression after abortion is not caused by grief, it is caused by not allowing yourself to the grieve. To your grief after the procedure which is very real. To others, your loss is unseen and unfelt because you feel that don’t have the right to feel the grief. So you hide it and move on. This leads to the depression. When you don’t allow yourself to process the grief, you will find yourself stuck in the depressive episode without an even knowing why.

Coping With Depression After Abortion

If you truly think you are clinically depressed after the abortion, it is time to seek help. Here are a few tips to help you deal with your feelings:

1. Talk About It

Talk About It

Find a friend, and support group, or a therapist to talk about your inner feelings. It is time to let your secret out of the depths of your soul. It is very understandable that it was a sad place to go, but by talking about it with someone you trust is the beginning of the healing process. Some abortion clinics can also have support groups or counselors on staff to help you.

2. Go Easy on Yourself

Go Easy on Yourself

Try not to give in to the guilt. Do not punish yourself by taking a decision that you had to make. Don’t allow any legal, religious, or political views to make you feel like you have done something wrong. You did what is right for you and not for everyone else. Stand your ground that this was your decision and it can be the right one.

3. Encourage Yourself with Positive Thinking

Encourage Yourself with Positive Thinking

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Talk to yourself affirmatively. Always remind that you are a normal person and a good person.

You are brave because you’ve made a most difficult decision. Write your feelings down in the special book or journal that no one else will see.

Ultimately, you should take time out to heal but try to stay aware of your inner feelings and see a doctor if they persist and prevent you from coping with the life. With some self-care and support, most of the women can move past their abortion and look forward to a positive future.

Cope Up The depression Post Abortion, Heal Yourself

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    I have an unplanned pregnancy. I m very tensed I cant tell to my family, i m so tensed. My friend has suggested me about a center called A Woman’s Haven, the team it seems help us in making an informed decision about abortion. I m planning to meet with them. I need some positive support in this time.

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