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Common Mental Health Issues In Women

According to statistics, women are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression when compared with their male counterparts. While depression is one of the most common among female mental disorders, the rate of suicide has also increased to a great extent. It is more important to focus on the causes of these mental problems before they worsen and treatment has to be carried out regularly for achieving the desired results. After all, women are the guardians in most of the families and take care of the needs of the entire family. Therefore, it is important for every woman to be in perfect shape for running a family in the most appropriate manner. Have a quick look at some of the common mental disorders that affect women.


1. Depression

This is one of the commonest mental problems that affect women irrespective of their age and sex. The truth is that women are twice more likely to face this problem than compared to men. What exactly are the reasons for this this disease? Physical and mental abuse followed by gender related differences at home or in the workplace has been identified as some of the major causes of depression. Moreover, the increased life expectancy if women imply that they have to move out to old age homes and the very thought itself is responsible for depressed state of mind. According to estimates, more than twenty percent women living in old age homes suffer from depression.


2. Anxiety

There are various anxiety disorders that affect women more often than men such as obsessive compulsive disorder. In addition to this, women also suffer from social phobia that is generic rather than specific. On an average, women get more panicky when it comes to exalted state of mind particularly in controlling emotions.


3. Self-harm

Causing harm to self is one of the prominent among womens mental health disorders. In a situation wherein a woman is unable to control her emotions, she can think about several ways of self-harm without realizing the consequences. In fact, suicide is one of the leading causes of self-harm and more women suffer from this problem in the modern-day scenario.


4. Post-traumatic stress

Women are more susceptible to post-traumatic stress such as situations that often occur after accidents or the loss of a loved one. Under such circumstances, doctors suggest a change of environment for obtaining positive results. In fact, such situations can also come from the workplace wherein a situation or an event leads to intense stress and trauma. Ashwagandha_336X280 (10)

5. Dementia

This is another mental problem that affects women although much of it occurs in the old age. Loss of memory is one of the prominent symptoms of this disease and this can show up at any time. However, the symptoms may disappear often and a woman suffering from dementia may appear to be in perfect mental state often.


6. Insomnia

Insomnia is another of the problems that affect women more than men. Sleep disturbances may occur due to varied reasons. The onset of depression leads to insomnia in most of the cases. Domestic violence accompanied by alcohol abuse and relationship issues are some of the common factors that lead to disturbance s in the sleeping patterns. Women are often subject to regular abuse that affects their work in the domestic front as well as in the workplace.


7. Eating Disorder

This disorder is also termed as bulimia and affect women in general than men and they can affect women at any age although young women are more likely to develop this disease in which they tend to avoid eating and vomit the food that they have eaten which leads to substantial loss of weight and severe health problems or deficiency disorders. Although this is a psychological disorder, the effect is more on the physical health of women.


8. Schizophrenia

Although it begins with depression, schizophrenia is another of the mental disorders in women. Unless a woman gets proper treatment within time, the consequences of this disease can be severe and violent reactions have been noted in women suffering from this disease.

The final note

Mental problems in women can result due to a variety of factors and much of it is social and rest of it can be attributed to age. In addition to the common factors that can lead to mental stress, special cases must be handled in an appropriate manner as treatment leads to complete cure in many of them. flaxseed-oil_728x90 (3)

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