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Coenzyme Q10 capsules – the Storehouse of Good Health

What is Coq10?

CoQ10 Nowadays, we hear a lot about CoQ10, which is slowly emerging as a lifesaver. It is actually a nutritional supplement, which is literally found in almost every cell of a human body. Coenzyme Q10, as they are also known as, are found inside the mitochondria of a cell, and are rod-shaped. They are essential for the human body to function in a proper manner, as they are the key elements which create ATP ( popularly known as Adenosine Tri-Phosphate), the main protein synthesizer which transforms fuel into energy. Let us try and analyse what is coenzyme Q10 and how it helps in increasing healthy metabolism and smooth functioning of the body in numerous ways. First let us find out what are the sources from which this can be obtained.

Where do you find it?

Source of  CoQ10 Coq10 do not have a lot of food sources. The main ingredients from which they can be sourced are beef and chicken. They are naturally found in high levels in animal proteins like meat, fish, and pork and even in certain shellfish. However, vegetarians can get the goodness of this enzyme from green vegetables like broccoli, dark leafy ones like cabbage, spinach and even cauliflower. Since it is fat soluble, you can take it as a supplement to your diet too; in the form of oils from soybean, rapeseed and canola or as capsules which will replenish whatever is missing from your diet to combat diseases. They can also be taken as oral spray or tablets. However, it is not advisable for children to take these supplements, although an adult can take between 30 to 200 mg per day.

Controls and stabilizes Blood Pressure

Controls and stabilizes Blood Pressure Although the direct health benefits of CoQ10 are yet to be fully proven, it has been found that this helps a lot in regulating blood pressure by improving the volume of blood which is being pumped into the heart. It has been discovered that people who are suffering from congenital heart diseases and other cardiac problems are significantly benefitted by taking these as a nutritional supplement along with their prescribed medicines. Taken daily after consulting a doctor, has resulted in lowering of cholesterol to a considerable level in patients suffering from high blood pressure.

Reduces migraine

Reduces migraine Coenzyme Q10 makes migraine and headache to reduce considerably. They prevent frequent attacks of pain and vomiting, which are associated symbols of migraine.

Arrests macular degeneration

Arrests macular degeneration CoQ10 supplements also help to abate macular degeneration, if caught in the early stage. Loss of eyesight in many adults who have crossed 60, are afflicted with this problem, whereas the disease becomes worse, the vision becomes blurred and slowly loses clarity. This can be fatal if it is not arrested in the early stages. This can considerably be controlled with the regular intake of this supplement.

Fights malignancy

Fights against malignant cells Although this has not been scientifically proven, yet doctors have found that CoQ10 has remarkable cancer preventive properties. It can help to reduce the size of breast cancer tumor, and even destroy malignant cells for prostate, liver, and other tumors. It even helps to build up a general immunity of the body, that can fight against chemotherapy drugs and associated heart ailments.

Boosts body immunity

strengthens the overall immune system CoQ10 strengthens the overall immune system of the body by increasing the levels of physical energy, lowering blood pressure and assisting weight loss. Research has found out that it is also helpful to fight chronic fatigue syndrome by enhancing the resistance power of the cells so that they can fight against external agents which are the root cause for various diseases.

Resists and restrains neural disorders

Prevents Neurol diseases This miracle dietary supplement can even arrest the progress of neural diseases. It can curb neuro-degeneration and are very useful in preventing and treating certain nervous disorders.

Other benefits

Some studies about the goodness quotient of CoQ10 have also come out with interesting facts. It has shown that low levels of this natural antioxidant in the blood can even lead to chronic heart failure. In case of heart patients, it has to be monitored and if required proper supplements should be given to them. In fact, CoQ10 along with Vitamins like C and E supplements can help the body grow resistance against asthma, chest congestion, wheezing and other virus attacks.

A powerhouse of multiple health benefits

Benefits of CoQ10 So overall we can see CoQ10 has a multitude of beneficial properties if taken in a regulated and prescribed way after consulting your physician. It can help in preventing heart ailments, slow down degenerative diseases, fight against the toxic effects of chemotherapy and even enhance immunity to fight against cancer. Newer research has also shown that CoQ10 can even augment the fertilisation process in females, protect the hearing capacities in adults, help to sustain muscle stamina and protract learning capacity for a long time. Coq10 capsules can also act as a hypoglycemic agent, i.e. help to lower blood sugar levels of people with diabetes. They can be used to treat gum problems and can control the progress of dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and other nerve related ailments. These can help in post-operative surgical cares and even improve male virility to a large extent. All these inferences have been drawn after studying the health pattern of approximately 20 adults who take regular supplements of this every day over a considerable period of time.

CoQ10- is it really so healthy?

Inlife Coenzyme Q10 Tablets The medical fraternity is still divided over the usage of this wonder drug if we may call it such. This is because the benefits are still not proved scientifically, and the Medical Association does not encourage the intake of such supplements in children. However, it has been proven to make a stronghold in the medicine cabinet for adults because more and more people are discovering the health benefits of CoQ10 supplement. This supplement is recommended by quite a few doctors, and can definitely improve the person’s physical as well as mental health in the long run. If you have been wondering about what is coenzyme Q10, till date, here are perhaps all the necessary details to enlighten you. Pop a CoQ10 capsule and experience how this crucial nutrient is slowly becoming imperative in our daily diet.  

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