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Check out These Healthy Recipes That Can Prevent You From Breast Cancer

Still wondering what to prepare for dinner or lunch that help to curb breast cancer. Now the worries are all over. Include loads of these items to the diet- raspberries, mushrooms, broccoli and much more and make your delicious recipes. Few kinds of soup and main course if made carefully with anti- oxidant food materials would surely help patients to minimize the risk of cancer.

Let us excavate what are the recipes that can be made at home, fast and tasty of course.

Salmon with sautéed mushroom- green tea poached:


In a saucepan, boil water of about 1.5L and green tea is being placed on the same. While boiling, place the salmon and cook for few mins and remove the tea bags slowly. Make the salmon well cooked and opaque- add melted butter on the salmon. Then add sliced mushroom and red wine, green onion, salt – cook well about 5 mins. Now your recipe is ready to be served. Do not forget to garnish the food with onions.

Sandwich -Broccoli sprouts with curried egg:


For preparing the breakfast one needs to have about 250 ml broccoli sprouts, 5mL curry powder, 75mL yogurt low fat, egg- hard boiled. Apart from this red bell pepper, celery stalk, green onion, bread slices, tomato well sliced. Now, one needs to take a bowl and smash the eggs properly add yogurt, red pepper, chopped onion, curry powder, salt, celery. Mixing is the main part of this food. Divide the batter on the bread slice on the top of the product place tomato, sprouts and then tight it with another bread. Grill it well and serve as the stupendous breakfast.

Barley and broccoli nourishing soup:


Items needed- olive oil, a small carrot, broccoli florets, chopped onion, tomato stew, cloves, garlic, vegetable stalk, salt and pepper, single organic celery and pearled barley well cooked. Now heat the pan with limited olive oil and stir it about 4 – 5 min adds the stalk, boil it well then after adding celery, carrot, and broccoli. Put the gas in shimmer as both the items are very tender. After the boil adds on the barley, tomato pastes, garlic and thyme- boil again in simmer. Finally, it is ready to be served with a proper garnish of yellow, chopped onion and pepper.

ACE salad:


For this salad preparation, you need to have – olive oil, fresh parsley, lemon juice squeezed, cucumber well sliced, organic carrot sliced, and fennel bulb single piece, salt, and pepper. Take a proper bowl, add fennel, cucumber, parsley, carrot together- add extra virgin olive oil and stir well, then after adding salt, pepper and seal the same in a tight container give a standing time , well then serve it well .

Check out These Healthy Recipes That Can Prevent You From Breast Cancer

Asparagus with walnut and quince jam:


Fresh ginger, olive oil, walnut, black pepper, quince jam, and 2lbs asparagus trimmed and washed. Now boil water, add trimmed asparagus until it is crisp. After this put the same on the plate. In a mixing bowl, mix ginger, olive oil, salt, pepper, quince jam, lemon juice. Shake it well and put the entire batter on asparagus. Garnish it with walnut well chopped.

Smoked Salmon and romaine salad:


Canola oil, fresh organic carrot well sliced, romaine lettuce small headed one, tomatoes, lemon half, thinly sliced smoked salmon, ginger root. Take two plates and arrange the lettuce according to the plate, cover it with salmon, carrot, cucumber, and tomatoes. In a bowl, put lemon juice, oil, and ginger that are minced mix it well and put the entire batter over the salmon plate. Now taste the food – Indeed a nutritious food.

Blueberry Scandinavian soup:


Blueberries act as the anti-oxidant agent for breast cancer patients. Studies say that one must intake 200 grams of the same daily with milk. It guarantees the fast recovery. Thus, this Scandinavian soup made of blueberries, sugar, potato starch brings out a tremendous anti-oxidant agent. One needs to boil the entire stuff for about 4 to 5 minutes, and the can be served well by sprinkling a few shades of sugar. One can even consume after it has been cooled too.

Finally, if one arranges these above recipes at home, then very well this breast cancer would be surely curbed. Other than the recipes there are innumerable herbs if consumed in the proportionate amount act as the foremost important agent to curb the malignant cells to grow. An example of such herb is Black Cohosh studies say it minimizes the risk of more than 60%.

Check out These Healthy Recipes That Can Prevent You From Breast Cancer

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