Bust our stress through these stress management activities.

Causes of Stress And Its Management With Nutrition

Stress is one of the major hazards people are facing presently. It has also become the cause for many different diseases which is lowering the quality of life among the individuals. Stress may not have a definitive cause.

Since, it varies from person to person so as the intensity and the consequences. Somebody’s stressors may be others stress busters. How much stress are you under? Think about it…..

Stress causes so much unhappiness and dissatisfaction in life; it’s worth our time to look at some of the main causes of stress. So, what kind of things causes stress? Write in the comments section below to let us know what is causing stress to you? We will be glad to help you out.

What Lead To Stress

The main causes of stress that most of us have in common, though, tend to fall into three general categories:

 Causes Of Stress

Physical Stressors:

Physical stress factors include all those things that cause stress on your body. Some diseased conditions like chronic pain, illness, and allergies may also be some of the causes for your stress.

Physical Stressors

Poor nutrition or habits like excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine, misuse of drugs etc., can be some other causes. Among which insomnia is one of the most common causes.

Social Stressors:

Social stressors are things that have to do with your connectivity (or lack of it) with other people and the communities you live in.

Both heavy work and joblessness can also be the cause of your stress. When you are jobless, you may feel lonely and can feel stressed and depressed.  In fact, any rapid changes in your life, whether good or bad, may create stress for you.

Financial stress, job stress, the ability to communicate with people and otherwise are some of the major causes. Stress and its effects are varied and impact hugely on one’s professional life and personal too.

Emotional Stressors:

Emotions can also be one of the main causes of stress. This is the one that usually causes lots of mood swings in you, and it has the capability of decreasing your productivity as an individual that again might be stressful.

Emotional Stressors

Emotional stressors may arise from disturbances in your relationship or dissatisfaction with your life or career. Some of you might also stress yourselves out by considering minor things like the way you talk, walk or how you look, whether you have the appropriate dressing or not for the event, etc. What are the causes and symptoms of stress? Causes we already know, let’s take a look at the symptoms.

Sometimes the stress may give rise to a negative voice and create negative thought, making you feel guilty for your deeds. This kind of stress strangely causes a fear of failure and even fear of success.

Avoiding Stress

Stress and the mood swings caused by stress can be prevented or cured by following some measures and by being more self-controlled.

Though the stress due to illness may not be controlled by your thoughts but other types of stress can be prevented to some extent by positive thoughts. Stress gives rise to anxiety too.

Now stress and its management and anxiety management are our major topic of discussion.

“Eating right is just as important as managing stress because vulnerability to stress increases with poor diet.”

Philip Rice, Stress and Health. Moorhead State University

All types of stressed conditions can be improved by taking a nutritious diet which contains omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, Vitamin B complex, etc. are good stress busters. This is because sometimes lack of nutrition in your body may also lead to stress.

And even vice versa can happen where stress causes nutrition deficiency. And anxiety and stress management should be taken seriously.

Unless critical nutrients are quickly replaced, coping mechanisms further break down, and emotional problems worsen.

“When you’re under stress, hormones are released and they in turn increase the speed of many functions and systems of the body,” said Laraine C. Abbey, R.N.

“With this faster rate, a large amount of nutrients are pushed into the bloodstream and excreted. The body loses nutrients all the time, but when you’re pressured, you lose more.” Along with these, there are many stress management activities to help tackle this universal problem. Stress management and nutrition are closely related.

B-Complex vitamins, Vitamin C and other minerals are helpful to maintain your health under stressful conditions.

Even omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil and fish oil supplements are good at controlling your mood swings and prevents the worsening of stress and likeliness of other diseases related to chronic stress.

So, I suggest you all to keep a watch on your stress levels, habituate positive attitude and healthy diet in your routine…

Do share this valuable information with your mother, father, siblings, friends and folks to ease them out of their stress and help them enjoy stress-free life.

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