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Cause of Breast Cancer and Preventive Measures to Be Taken

In recent times Breast cancer is known to be a most leading matter of concern with the women. And the issue is gradually increasing among them due to their lifestyle. Throughout the world breast cancer has become the second most common sort of cancer and the fifth common cause of death. It is proved that women are living in the industrial area, mostly affected than the remote area. This disease affects one in eight women because of their living style. Due to the breast cancer, women’s breast is found abnormal. These damage cells spread rapidly than the healthy cells do. And thus it may the cause of the lumps on the breast. The early signs and symptoms of breast cancer are not identifiable. Even in many cases, it does not always create symptoms and signs. The most common symptom is the lumps on the breast. Sometimes the shape of the breast is changed, and it looks like abnormal. No one knows the actual causes of this issue.  There are some risk factors, which increase the chance of the breast cancer, some of them are known, and basically people don’t know the genuine reason of the breast cancer.


The following risk factors are associated to increase the risk of breast cancer.

Early Period and Late Menopause


If anyone starts her period before the age of 12, it may the cause of breast cancer. A woman who starts their menopause after 55 may cause slightly risk factor of the breast cancer.

Personal History

If someone had breast cancer before in one breast, then there is strong possibility to develop cancer in the other breast.

Family History

There are the high-risk factors where a woman who has her own relatives is being diagnosed with breast cancer before. Although in most of the cases, breast cancers are not hereditary. This comprises genes like BRCA1 and BRCA2 that may boost the risk of developing both breast and ovarian cancer.  It is most obvious that the genes can pass on from the parent to their children. The third gene can be affected by the breast cancer.

Intake of Alcohol


Women who use to drink on a regular basis can be affected by breast cancer. So it is proved that drinking alcohol can increase the risk factor for this disease.



Overweight or obese of a woman can be the strongest reason of the breast cancer. This can happen if a woman gets overweight later in her life, basically after menopause.

Hormonal Replacement Therapy


Hormonal replacement therapy is regarded as the risk factor of this type of cancer. There are in some cases of breast cancer women who are using combined hormone replacement therapy after menopause increase the risk of this disease. Women who have already taken this kind of therapy medications, which combine estrogen and progesterone for the treatment of menopause, can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Exposure to Hormones

Breast cancer is being stimulated to increase by the female hormone estrogen. Women who start her period at an early age and enter menopause at late of their age, estrogen secretion exposed for a long time from the ovaries as the other who had a shorter reproductive stage in life.

There Are Various Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer Are Being Stated:

Limitation Of Alcohol

Intake of more alcohol can be the strong reason for this type of cancer. If anyone wants to be safe from breast cancer can have only one drink per day.

Physical Exercise


Regular physical exercise in a week is proven to reduce the risk factor of developing breast cancer. Physical activity of women can help to maintain a healthy weight and can low the risk of breast cancer.

Body Weight


A woman who has a perfect shape of her body can be considerably having a low chance to have this cancer. Basically, the women who are getting obese after their menopause have the chance of the breast cancer.

Healthy Diet


A healthy diet can decrease the risk factor of the breast cancer. Having lots of fruits and vegetable may reduce the risk of developing cancer. So do follow the healthy and balanced diet to be safe.

Don’t Smoke


Smoking is injurious to health; it is known to all. It increases the risk of heart disease and other type of cancers including breast cancer. Now it is the best time to stay away from the smoking.

Breastfeeding to baby


Breastfeeding your baby plays an important role in preventing breast cancer. Breastfeeding for more than one year works as the protective factor for cancer.

Must Avoid Birth Control Pill

Birth Control Pill Container

The birth control pill can be harmful to a woman who as well as a smoker. Doing both things in anyone’s life may bring this cancer. Concerned people should avoid the birth control pill to prevent breast cancer.

Avoid Post-Menopausal Hormones

Many women take Post-menopausal hormones for a long time to prevent the chronic diseases like heart disease. This therapy should be taken for the shortest period and should be aware of the risk and the benefit factors from the respected doctors of the same.

Avoid Polluted Area

In order to prevent breast cancer or other type of cancer you should avoid environmental pollution. It actually increases the risk of developing those kinds of cancers.


Some researchers have been shown that breast cancer screening can save lives with mammography. It helps to find cancer at an early stage when it can be curable through the proper treatment. Therefore, most of the women should begin mammogram screening after the age of 40 being fully aware of the risks.

The origin of the breast cancer is from its tissues. Both women, as well as a man, can be affected by this type of cancer, but for a man, it’s a rare case. But mostly, the women are the victim of this cancer. If the breast cancer is being detected at the early stage, it will treatable. But due to lack of awareness the cancer patient is increasing day by day.

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