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How To Increase Your Metabolism?

“Do you know how to increase or speed up your metabolism?” You can increase your metabolism if you wish to. Your ancestors are partly responsible for your metabolism. By ancestors, I mean your genes, but most of it depends on yourself whether you want to become slim or obese. First, let us understand what metabolism is. What […]

Beware Of Childhood Obesity – An Alarming Threat

Childhood obesity

What is Childhood Obesity? Childhood obesity is a serious condition that affects children and adolescents. This condition occurs when a child is well above the BMI (Normal weight as per age and height), which has a negative impact on their well-being. Childhood obesity causes health problems such as diabetes, liver problems, high cholesterol and high blood […]

Keep A Check On Late Night Snacking

late night snacking

Are you the one munching away all the leftover food from the refrigerator late at night? Do all the sweet in the fridge, fried chips, candies, etc. haunt and entice you as late night snacks? Well, if you are a foodie and just can’t control your night cravings, you must read further to know what health hazards you […]

6 Best Ways To Fight Cellulite Naturally!

fight cellulite naturally

It is always best to first seek for natural, effective methods and means to cure any illness or infections at home and then go for advanced medical treatments if natural home remedies don’t work. This will not only help you to save your expenses and time but more importantly relief you from the great mental […]

Five Healthy Foods To Eat At Your Workstation

Healthy foods

We have all heard and read everywhere about healthy food facts and how important it is to follow a nutritious balanced diet in order to maintain good health and physique. But, the question is while you can’t just leave your job and avoid sitting at a desk all day long, how can you still maintain […]

10 Natural Detoxifying Foods For Your Body


Every day, your body is bombarded by harsh toxins and chemicals from the food you take and also the surrounding environment, leaving you with a minimum healthy survival space. Though the body’s natural system tends to get rid of the nasty impurities, but a portion of it remains in your body for which you need […]

A Powerful Weapon In Your Battle Against Overweight And Obesity

Fish oil liquid filled capsules for weight loss

Omega-3 fatty acids are the latest talk of the town among the health concerned individuals all over the world. Most people have actually started consuming it in one or the other way and of course, physicians started prescribing it as a co-medication for many chronic ailments which actually shows the usefulness and significance of these […]