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Omega 3 Fatty acids – Best Natural Remedy For Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Most of you might have come across many individuals suffering from different sorts of pains. Of course, no one is an exception for pains, although some may suffer from acute or temporary pains while some others suffer from chronic pains. Chronic pains may refer to annoyances like migraine, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or due to injury […]

6 Diet Friendly Foods That Are Not So HEALTHY!


Back in 60’s, granola, cereal and energy bars were considered the healthiest food choices. But today granola, cereal and energy bars are considered in terms of fats and calories, no more stand as a dieter’s picks. So, was it a misconception among people to assume they are healthy? And what exactly are the good diet […]

Vitamin D Deficiency – The Rising Threat!

vitamin D

Vitamin D is constantly making rounds in research news buzz, sometimes raining its benefits and sometimes linked to a deficiency thunderbolt. The research team led by Dr. Kristina Hoffmann of the Mannheim Institute of Public Health (MIPH), Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University, analyzed nearly 200 studies on vitamin D from 44 countries involving more than […]

Probiotics During Pregnancy Can Reduce Risk Of Allergies In Babies

probiotics pregnancy

With the increasing civilizations and industrialization, nations have also become cleaner, which led to decreased exposure to microbes and thereby infections. Of course, it’s a good thing, but thinking from a biological point of view, less exposure to microbes during early years of life in a way can affect one’s immunity. Do you agree? Significance […]

6 Healthy Habits You Need to Check from Harming You

Healthy habits

You must have already heard enough that you must practice good health habits such as having a well-balanced diet, regularly exercising , sleeping enough, etc. So, these habits should be driving you happy and healthy, isn’t it? But you see these healthy habits which you follow may sometimes seem to be a bit complicated… It […]

How Fish Oil Can Help Reduce Alcohol Induced Dementia

Dementia and Memory Loss

You live in today’s fast paced world where everyone has a busy life schedule. I understand how packed your daily routine might be in order to keep yourself on your toes throughout the day, trying to fulfill each and every important task to compete with the world outside. It is indeed very reasonable for you […]

What Are The Must Have Nutrients During Pregnancy?

Nutrients for pregnancy

Pregnancy is every woman’s dream and a special phase of her life. Pregnancy might leave you with mixed feelings of being excited, delighted, anxious and curious with all the changes taking place. But, the joy, pleasure and happiness to see your offspring is endless. Apart from this it is also natural for you to worry […]

Help Your Vision As You Age With Vitamin B12 And Folic Acid

vision problems

We all love our dear parents, grandparents and other elders of our family. When we see them suffer from various health problems as they move towards old age, we have that instant urge to find out solutions and help them in every possible way to relieve them of their discomforts. How many such age-related problems […]

Six Most effective Home Remedies for Your Stretch Marks

remedies for stretch marks

It is a common fact that most of us feel embarrassed for certain things especially when it is related to our beauty, for eg. when we are affected by pimples, acne scars, freckles, too many blackheads, birth marks, stretch marks and many more. Of course who likes all these tiny annoying things on your face […]