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What Foods To Eat During Exams – Top Healthy Foods To Boost Performance

With the exam season just around the corner, find out a few tips and what healthy foods you must intake to enhance your performance? Discover what you should follow and consume to spurt your senses; [...]

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Ayurvedic Cure For Insanity And Mental Illness

What Is Mental Health? Mental health is determined as a state of well-being in which every individual perceives his or her capability and can cope with the regular stresses of life, who can work productively [...]

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How yoga can improve cognitive and nerve functions

Yoga is a low-impact exercise  with a number of benefits including physical and mental states of the body. According to a recent study, It improves the cognitive functions of the brain and also helps to [...]

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5 steps for the perfect Mental well being and work-life Balance.

With the ubiquity of smart devices, we need to show up at work for a whole day to finish our assigned tasks and the result is, We find  difficulty  in  maintaining  the balance between personal [...]

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Sigmund Freud Theory – Why Should We Know About This?

It is known to us Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist, was the founding father of psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis is a method for treating mental problems and it explains the behavior of the human. Human beings have [...]

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How Has Self-Determination Theory Helped People Overcome Depression?

According to latest research, the self-determination theory is doing a lot more than anticipated to help people battle their worst fears and move forward in different sectors of their lives. The theory is based on [...]

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