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India Is Moving Towards Alternative Milk. Here’s Why

We all grew up drinking cow’s milk which was told to be the most nutritious staple food. The promotion of cow’s milk as the go-to healthy source of protein and nutrition has been there. In the current scenario, it does not hold as reliable as before. Several studies are reporting that the cow’s milk that […]

What Happens To Your Body When Your Immune System Is Weak?

What Happens To Your Body When Your Immune System Is Weak?

Your immune system is your body’s resistance to infections and other harmful invaders. Without it, you would always get immune system diseases, sick from bacteria or viruses. Your immune system is made up of individual cells, tissues, and organs that work together to preserve you. The lymph or lymphatic, system is a significant part of the […]

What Does Eating Broccoli Do For Your Body?

When it comes to ample-tasting nutrition, broccoli is an all-star food that bestows many all-important health benefits even when consumed in moderation. In addition to being rich in fibre, broccoli is very much full of essential vitamins and minerals. And to top it all, the real blessing comes for people who consume broccoli in the […]

Is There Any Link Between Gut Health And Mental Health?

In the world of medicine and also nutrition, there is been a lot of buzz about the relationship amongst gut health and mental health, over the past number of years. As a health junkie and also nutrition enthusiast, I was hearing about this continuously, so I decided to investigate into the deep and complex subject […]

What Can You Do To Stop Your Poop From Smelling?

Poop from smelling

Is your foul-smelling stool giving you stress? Are you ashamed to use the public toilets, thinking what the next person using it will say, if they smell the unpleasantness and walk out breathing through their mouth? Don’t worry. Read on to get rid of all your embarrassments and stress. Foul-Smelling Stools/Poop   Foul smelling poop […]

The Importance And Benefits Of Digestive Enzymes For Gut Health

Digestive Enzymes

Are you trying to restore a leaky gut? Do you experience any type of chronic digestive issues such as gas, bloating, indigestion, or constipation? Do you experience reflux after a meal? Or do you notice pieces of undigested food or a fatty substance in your stool? If so, then your body may not be producing […]

How To Neutralize Your Acidity When You Don’t Have Access To Antacids

How to neutralize your acidity when you don't have access to antacids

Neutralize Your Acidity Without Antacids Ugh…getting that old familiar burn after eating! You might feel as though a volcano has erupted from your esophagus. The burn and pain of acidity affect millions of people every day. We have all suffered from acidity at some point or the other. The excess stomach acid that causes uncomfortable symptoms […]

The digestive mistakes to avoid while travelling

The digestive mistakes to avoid while travelling

Are you planning for a trip away from your home? Traveling is really so much fun until something happens such as sickness or just some very simple annoyance occurs that ruins your trip. But, one of the best things you can do is, learn what to do and what not and realise that a little […]

How Can One Completely Get Rid Of Alcohol Dependence?

It is impossible! That is what the first ever response most of us hear. Even in these days of high awareness, not knowing about alcohol addiction can badly harm you in both ways, physically and mentally. So, have you ever thought, what is that thing that stops you from breaking your addiction? It’s been said […]

How A Major Disease Like Acute Bloody Diarrhea Can Be Prevented?

How A Major Disease Like Acute Bloody Diarrhea Can Be Prevented?

When you want to keep yourself away from diseases, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits can always keep you healthy and safe. Once you follow a proper diet plan, you can easily avoid any health problems. Diarrhea is a very common disease which anyone can face when you don’t follow proper hygienic […]