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Zoom-in on the Symptoms of Blood Pressure: Its causes and Diet.

symptoms of high blood pressure

Do you stay agitated without a reason? Do you suffer from sudden spells of dizziness? Have you been suffering from frequent headaches and over sweating? If your answer to these questions is yes, this might be a wake up call for you, when did you check your blood pressure? All these symptoms point to high […]

Lose Weight with this Easy to Follow Diet Chart for Weight Loss

diet chart for weight loss

Are you sick and tired of trying various things for weight loss? Is your weight making you less confident? The first thing you should do is stop being upset about it. Everybody, right from a five year old kid to a teenager, a parent or grandparent is concerned about their weight. Of course, it is […]

The Ultimate Diet Chart For Weight Gain

diet chart for weight gain

When it comes to weight issues, people generally think only about overweight or obesity but that is not the only weight related problem. Underweight or skinniness is also a serious problem and is equally harmful as obesity. Earlier back in the initial days of my practice as a nutritionist, a client approached me and complained […]

Spirulina: A Super Food for Super Health

spirulina benefits

What is the contribution of the food you eat towards your personal health? Is it providing you all the nutrients and protecting you from diseases? You think that it’s impossible? It is not! Yes. Certain foods contain extreme amounts of nutrients that help restore your health and protect you from various diseases. Spirulina is one […]

Whey Protein: One Solution for Weight Gain and Weight Loss

protein powder for weight gain

“I am 10 kg underweight. How do I gain weight?” “I want to have a muscular body, what should I do?” “My goal is to lose 20 kg weight in 6 months. Is there anyway?” These are a few health queries that I almost every day. You’ll be surprised to know that I suggest one […]

A Kidney Stone Diet to Relieve Your Pain

As per the recent statistics, 15% of India’s population suffer from kidney stone problems. However, 5% of them are not even aware that their pain is being caused by stones in one or both of their kidneys. Kidney stones usually pass through and are excreted along with urine, but sometimes they remain in the kidney […]

AVOCADOS: Eat This Super Food For A Healthier Life

fat burning foods

Who can guess that this green skinned, rough textured fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients that can offer amazing health benefits? It’s no exaggeration when I say that avocado is considered a versatile health food by many nutrition experts. Don’t believe me? Well then, check this out! The avocado, also known as the alligator pear […]

Ginseng: A Treasured Chinese Herb for Health & Wellness

Ginseng uses

People today are extremely conscious of their health and wellness. I have seen people who are constantly curious to know about natural ways and sources to enhance their health. If you are one among them, let’s grab some knowledge about an ancient treasured Chinese herb called, Ginseng. What is Ginseng? Ginseng is a slow growing, […]