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6 Best Natural Oils for Complete Skin and Healthy Hair

Natural Oils

Natural oils are time tested remedy for moisturizing dry skin, improving skin complexion, treating skin infections and scalp problems. These oils are an effective and economic way of nourishing and conditioning dry, frizzy hair, healing the open cuticles, improving blood supply to the scalp and treating problems of dandruff and scalp infection. The best thing […]

Top 6 Natural Home Remedies to Fight Dandruff

itching on scalp

Elegant black dresses and dark coats are all time fashion statements, but pesky flakes and dandruff often lowers our confidence level and prevents us from donning dark colored attires. Dandruff or Seborrhea is one of the most common scalp problems, and majority of the population suffers from it. The causes of dandruff may range from […]

Easy Home Remedies And Tips For Glowing Skin Naturally

Tips for glowing skin

Did you always think that the gorgeous glowing skin of the film stars was just make-up? Does the skin tone of the cover models of fashion magazines give you inferiority complex? Have you tried almost all the cosmetic products but haven’t got a satisfactory result yet? Women of all ages and times have desired a […]