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Home Remedies For Healthy And Silky Hair

Home Remedies For Healthy Silky Hair

Which woman generally does not want shiny, healthy silky hair? In fact, hair dyes, blow dryers, straighteners, overexposure to sun & chlorinated water are only a few of numerous factors that cause the loss of moisture and shine and make our hair look brittle, frizzy and dry. If you are looking for few essential home […]

Stem cell therapy – What do you know about it?

Stem cell therapy - What do you know about it?

Stem cell therapy – Buzzword of this era! We can find wealthy information on stem cell therapy; it can certainly be overwhelming to read through what is confusing and complex. Stem cells have a tremendous promise to help us understand as well as treat a range of injuries, diseases and other health-related conditions. The potential […]

How to improve the cycle of hair follicle growth in middle age men

How to improve the cycle of hair follicle growth in middle age men

Run a comb through your hair and you may locate a couple hair strands abandoned in the comb’s teeth. On the off chance that you witness this every last day, then you may ponder that it is typical that your hair follicle is continually dropping out. Shedding hair is completely typical and simply part of […]

The cure for baldness – How far are we?

Baldness has been a major concern these days, while scientists and researchers are working hard to find a permanent cure for hair loss. Of course, a permanent solution would relieve a huge percentage of men in the country. Technology is finding ways in different forms for hair loss problems. Let’s check out the advancements in […]

Avoid these noxious chemicals – Avoid hair problems

Today, Most of the hair products contain high amounts of toxic ingredients which harm the healthy hair and have severe side-effects. Excessive usage of chemicals weaken the hair follicles and halts the hair growth. Here are some chemicals to avoid for hair as they are highly toxic, which are solely responsible for hair fall. People […]

The benefits of Collagen for your hair, skin and nails

How to boost collagen production to fasten the repair of nails, skin, and hair.

Well, when you look at the mirror, what exactly do you see? Do you witness your soft, blemish-free and glowing skin? Or do you see wrinkles and age spots? We tend to find ourselves aging and we get the first sign of aging from our skin. Some of us can recognize the name ‘collagen’ perhaps […]

How to stop hair loss before it begins

Hair loss happens to the most of us,though we are very careful about our hair. In that case stop worrying about hair loss and begin some precautionary measures to control the dangerous hair fall,As we believe in Prevention is better than cure. We will be discussing ways to thwart the hair fall and successfully escape […]

Top 10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Saffron

Commonly known as the Golden spice, saffron is rightly called because of its color. We all know that it costs an arm and a leg to acquire a small amount of this spice, but do we know why? It is because of its immense medicinal value and the difficulty of acquiring them in the first […]

The Unknown Benefits Of Garlic You Must Know

The Unknown Benefits Of Garlic You Must Know

Garlic is one of the vegetables that grows under the soil, which has been used for different medications for thousands of years. They have different qualities to be used as an ingredient in different medicines, but apart from that, there are some of the best utilities of this particular vegetable that you must know. They […]