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Brown Spots On Your Nails? This Is What It Means

Brown Spots On Your Nails? This Is What It Means

Do you know that your lifestyle can be easily identified when your nails can be tested? Not only the lifestyle, but whether you are having any disease or any disability can also be marked from the nails.

The indications can appear in any form over your nails. AT times they seem to be the brown spot over your nails too, mostly due to the reason that they are the outward extension of the body.

Know Your Nails

The human body is very much sensitive towards infections. This includes viruses and bacteria. The tissues in the human body and the plants on them are the things that bring in those infective viruses.

The nail is another part that brings in the infections. How to know what is the infection that has been in the body? Nails do indicate many things that are going on in your body.

The nails on the fingers give protection to your nerves, which are lying in the fingertips. Thus, they are directly in touch with the nerves and thus shows any issue that is going on in your body.

Brown spots are the signal that you have some deficiency in your body. It is not that brown spots are the issue for the nails. It is the issue that is related to your body.

Here are some of the causes that are related to it. Along with the causes, the article will be telling you about the required treatments too.

Causes Of The Brown Spots

Causes Of The Brown Spots

  • Indicate deficiency of Vit-B12- The first thing that it can indicate is the deficiency of Vitamin B 12 in your body. This is indicated with a patch on your nails. It can even indicate irregularities like fewer blood corpuscles in your body, similar to anaemia.
  • Indicate kidney issues– Sometimes you will find that your nails are half white. The spot is seen at the top end of the nail. This particular patch indicates that you might have a kidney issue.
  • Indicate skin disease- The brown spots that are found on your fingernails mostly indicate that you are having a joint problem or some skin diseases. When that spot turns reddish, the indication is the lack of protein or folic acid.
  • Indicate heart related problems- The spots can be in the form of red lines or brown lines too. They indicate some heart problems.
  • If there is a brown tinge on your nails, it is indicating that you have a fungus infection.

Treatments For Your Brown Nails

  • Whatever the case might be there is a requirement of a treatment plan. Some of the effective treatment plans are stated here for your support. Get through them and find the right help in your life.
  • Most of the cases, where brown spots are found, the indication, is a fungal infection. You need some of the anti-fungal treatments in that case, and it can be just to remove the nail and start the fresh treatment.
  • Psoriasis is one sort of skin disease that often causes a brown spot on your nails. In such cases, you need to go to a physician or a skin specialist.

Tips To Remain Safe

Here are some of the tips to avoid such brown spots on your nails:

  • Keep them dry and clean
  • Biting of nails is not at all good.
  • Do use the polish removers, as less as possible.
  • Have a balanced diet and accept some vegetables and foods that have vitamin B and C in them. Eat dairy products for the best support.
  • It is important to apply moisture on your nails.
  • Never dig out the toenails, that are growing from the inside.
  • After gardening and any activities, it is important to wash your hands every time. This is applicable for you after using your hand for your food habit.
  • If you remain in touch with water all the time, then using gloves is the best way out, to keep your nails away from fungal infections.
  • Using nails as tools can damage the nails totally.

It is important to consult with a doctor for protecting your nails. They will be giving you the guidelines about how to maintain your nails and the proper habits that can make your nails naturally strong, good looking and hygienic.

Brown spots are not at all a normal thing. So do not cover them with a nail polish. Show a doctor immediately.

4 thoughts on “Brown Spots On Your Nails? This Is What It Means

  1. Jackie says:

    I have a couple of fingernails that come out with little brown spots, but they can be filed off easily. What does that mean?

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      It can be due to any kind of vitamin deficiency or else it can be nail psoriasis also, I advised you to get your nails checked with any good skin doctor

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