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Bring your weight down in 10 days with the help of 10 simple health tips and tricks

The weighing machine displays an unwanted number. You realize that how you have ended up packing on those extra pounds. You find yourself in a state of a panic, but instead of panicking and feeling guilty about the sinful delicacies that you have taken, it is the time to be proactive. Now, you have got to focus on reducing calories, working out and taking a healthy sin-free diet.


1.Cut down calories and make a note of it

Keep a written account of what you eat, and what you don’t. In this context, you will like noting an interesting study that people who maintain a food diary, end up taking fifteen percent less than the ones who don’t. Stay away from the calorie-enhancing food items including spreads, condiments, alcohol, and sauces. Say, no to your morning cappuccino.

2.Begin your day with a healthy breakfast

Eat a fiber-rich meal. The idea is to stay full over a long time span. You can start off with oatmeal, and a glass full of mixed smoothie. Include different kinds of berries and fruits in the smoothie. Make sure that it is based on fatless yogurt. Prepare oats with fat-free skim milk.

3.Plan your diet in the following way

The focus, as said before, should be on minimizing the intake of calorie. With that in mind, plan out three meals. Adhere to the plan of three meals. Don’t snack more than twice, on a regular basis. In that way, you can make both the ends meet, cut calories, and stay full, as well.


4.Eat a wholesome lunch and a light dinner

Lunch happens to be the most important meal. So the content must be nutritious, filling but low in terms of calories. You can opt for a whole grain cereal for the lunch and have green salads, and grilled chicken without fat dressing to accompany the same. Since the dinner should be light, you can afford to avoid cereals for dinner. Chicken stew that has sufficient helping of peas, carrots, tomatoes, onion and corn is just what you need for dinner.

5.Avoid junk food at all cost

Instead, snack on fruits, chickpeas, and sprouts. Make apple sandwiches with peanut butter. The dish serves as an excellent snacking idea. The similar is true of chickpeas and sprouts marinated with spices.

6.Change your beverages

Instead of delighting yourself on tea, coffee, packaged fruit drink and cappuccino, make it a point to have warm lime juice enriched with a dash of honey. Have the concoction, early in the morning before your breakfast, and once in the evening. The combination is great for shedding unwanted kilos, in and around your waistline. Drink water, in plenty. Stick only to herbal tea.

7.Exercising is a must

You want to lose fat, in as little time as ten days. For that, you need to sweat it out. Cardio exercises will speed up the process, and ensure that you lose weight fast. So, at least, for half an hour, on a regular basis, you should undertake cardio training.

8.Keep your craving under the control

For that, you need to take a couple or more of deep breaths, as and when you feel hungry. Before, you reach out for food, breathe deeply. Experts suggest that it is a good way to keep hunger pangs, at bay.

9.Rest and sleep in sufficient measure

Sufficient sleep is necessary as it plays a crucial role in leveling out your appetite, hormonal imbalances and the mood, in general.

10.Say no to sugar

It will only add to your sin and come in the way of your goal. Your focus now is on losing weight. So, resist sugary delicacies, at all cost.

Now that you know what to do, and what not to do, you will have an easy time managing your weight. If you plan out your meal and activities, with a focus on these, you can accomplish, your mission, in just ten days.


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