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Bid Goodbye To Infections Forever With Black Seed

Black seed or Nigella Sativa is a lifesaving curative food, which has got the potential to treat almost all kinds of ailments that a human body is known to suffer from. Though highly under-used, it has got the power to heal most kinds of diseases. You must be thinking what is Nigella Sativa? More commonly found in Indian kitchen as black cumin, black sesame, onion seed or Roman coriander, the black seed is like a miracle potion which can augment the healing process in everything- from cancer to hypertension. This has been proven by continuous biomedical researches that are trying to unfurl the miraculous powers of this seed, but sadly it is in a very nascent stage still. Let us try and understand why black seed is supposed to have such a huge latent restorative and therapeutic capacity.

Maximizing The Benefits Of Black Seed

Maximizing The Benefits Of Black Seed The ‘magic’ seed which we are talking about, black seed oil cures autism and is extremely beneficial to the body because it consists of three natural chemicals, namely thymoquinone (TQ), thymohydroquinone (THQ) and thymol. It has been discovered that these three chemicals together can make the body develop immunity against most fungus and yeasts which are the root cause of most infections. They also have Phytochemicals, which are resistant to almost thirty pathogens. Let us delve a little further and try to trace how the three chemicals help in developing this resistance towards infections.


Popularly known as TQ, is a vital component of black seed and has significant antioxidant properties. It can stimulate regeneration of dead cells and has significant inhibitory effects on cancer cells. Very effective against any kind of swelling, this helps to combat diseases like encephalomyelitis, diabetes, asthma and epilepsy.


THQ is perhaps the most effective resistant that is available naturally. Found in Black Seed, this can treat a gamut of diseases like H Pylori infection, high BP, pulmonary infections like wheezing, congestion and even neural diseases like Alzheimer’s, Autism, Dementia, Schizophrenia etc.


The other effective ingredient in Black Seed, Thymol, has immense medicinal properties as well. It can boost the immunity system of the body to combat tuberculosis, certain viral infections and even skin hazards like eczema, psoriasis as well as others. Black seed oil Nigella Sativa Oil or black seed oil has the most beneficial medicinal properties, where all these chemical compounds are present in the optimum proportions. Research has found that black seed oil has just the right mix of TQ and THQ, which can decrease the toxic levels of the body dramatically and thus help to prevent cancer to a great extent. In fact, drugs containing TQ along with conventional chemotherapy medicines act in a much better way to arrest the growth of tumor cells for especially colon, prostate, pancreatic and lung cancers. Black seed oil used for infection and also aids in healing a liver that is malfunctioning. Bile is secreted from the liver to digest insoluble fats and other food that is processed inside the body. Even toxins are regulated by the liver, so it is imperative that this organ should function properly to assure that the body is fit and fine. In case of a poor liver function due to excessive intake of alcohol or a devastating side effect of some life saving drugs for a clinically ill patient, the traditional oil can do miracles by not only preventing the growth of malignant cells inside the body but also by helping to regenerate healthy cells.

Overcome Your Diabetic Problems And Retain The Shape Of Your Body

Benefits of Black Seed   Black Seed Oil can significantly reduce blood sugar levels in Type Two Diabetes. Taking a black seed oil capsule can help to diminish sugar levels in the blood and even reduce insulin resistance. It can have a very positive effect on the various associated symptoms of diabetes like bloating, constipation, acidity, headache and even frequent urination. Black Seed Oil is very effective in losing weight as well. It has great anti-obesity properties, which work in almost similar manners as it does for diabetes patients. It prevents inflammation and helps to shed unnecessary fat by improving blood circulation, reducing sudden hunger pangs and cravings by improving digestion. The Black Seed Oil capsules are very successful for treating hair loss too. Although much needs to be explored, it has been found that black seed oil has extensive antioxidant properties that help in reducing hair loss and prevent hair fall. It strengthens the hair follicles by making them resilient and thereby prevents loss of hair.

Get Soft And Supple Skin, Free From Pigmentations

Black seed oil capsules Black seed oil and capsules are great in treating blotchy skin. They are very effective in inducing production of melanin- the pigment which is responsible for giving our respective skin colour. It eradicates many dermatological problems like eczema, dry and coarse skin, psoriasis etc. thus making the skin radiant and soft again.

Other Benefits Of Black Seed

Black Seed oil cures autism and it has extensive infection fighting properties too. The infection which is increasingly resisting all kinds of treatment, namely staph infection is becoming a matter of global concern as doctors are getting baffled by their tendencies to resist general antibiotics. Black Seed Oil is a very effective antidote to Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus or MRSA. It can not only kill MRSA, thereby preventing it to multiply further; but can even clinically isolate these bacteria, which helps in treating the disease in a proper way. Black Seed Oil Capsules have loads of other health benefits like preventing asthma, controlling pharyngitis or problems of the larynx, various digestion problems, acid reflux, damage from exposure to sun or radiation etc. It has also been found to be an excellent preventive and remedial therapy for Opium addicts. As days are progressing, the Medical Research arena is coming out with more and more health benefits of this wonder seed. A recent survey has shown that the capsule can stop highly aggressive brain cancer cells from spreading further and can even restrain breast cancer growth. Black Seed’s benefits are so huge that they are like a storehouse of health. So, make sure that you have one black seed capsule strip or black seed oil in your medicine cabinet!

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    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hello Ngozi, Ideally one can consume 1gm of black seed oil per day or maximum 3gm and not exceed. Again it will also depend upon the purity of the same.

  1. Gloria says:

    Thank you for this wonderful page. I have been looking for something for a client of mine who has diabetes and a very bad dose of Golden Staph. This is just what he needs, thank you so much.

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